Best Bike

People keep asking me out of all the bikes that have passed through my garage which one was the best one ?

My answer is quite simple but opens another couple of questions like

Best Looking ?
Best Riding Experience?
Best Value ?

The answer to the above questions is just as hard as the original ones as a good looking bike need not be the one that gives the best riding experience .

My personal choice on all the bikes i have owned would be the one pictured below , its an early 90’s B H Stevlo alloy frameset that arrived as per picture and i had no need for any further work other than adjust the saddle and ride it .

B H Stevlo

2moro’s Bike will be ?

i am lucky as i have a choice of 5 bikes to use when i go riding , and tomorrows lucky mount will be my Hardisty .

It will be its first ride over 1.5 miles in distance but having used it all week for commuting on i think it deserves the open road tomorrow .

A new pair of Vittorio Rubino’s adorns its Mavic Rims and await the feel of the black stuff rushing under them

Hradisty Road Bike