Virgin Mobile Issues

Our local Phone mast has had an issue since Christmas eve , which has meant that at least my partner and myself and I am guessing quite a few other people who are on Virgin or EE and live in the same local area as we do have not had full service since then .

I contacted Virgin by e mail over the Christmas holiday period by e mail twice and have yet to have a reply . On my return to work on the 29th I contacted them again this time by phone and after speaking to 4 or 5 people I ended up with technical support who confirmed that the providers (ee) mast has a power supply fault and is more than likely causing the issue .

When asked re fixture date I was told by end of the week ie 2nd January and that a credit would be available for lost services for the whole period affected and to give them a ring once back to normal service .

This morning 31/12 I thought I would ring them again to get an update and have been told it will be at least the 5th of January before any repairs can be done as they are having issues accessing the mast ???

If the mast is functional again on the 5th then it would have been 13 days without full service , ok Its not a matter of life and death and other people are a lot worse off , but I do think in this day and age its not good customer service .

Will update you all on the 5th . Happy New Year