Ian May Cycles

I own 2 Ian May badged bikes , both are far from normal in many respects .

The first and main difference is the shape and profile of all the main tubing , it almost looks if somebody has taken normal round tubes and just gently squeezed them in a vice , but i am sure it wasnt that easy .

Then another difference between Ian May bikes and most of the others i have owned , is the shear lack of information there is about Ian May , yes we know he ran his own business in the 80’s , but very little else is .

We are unsure who made the frames his name is attached to , the 2 i have look very similar to a couple of Simoncini’s i have seen photos of , and Emanuel Ferretti of Simoncini and Revanche also thinks they could have been made by them but cant be certain .

What ever they are 2 very nice bikes to ride and ownMy First Ian MayIan May headbadge

My 2nd Ian May