Work has commenced

Well i started the clean up work on the latest arrivals last night by fixing the puncture on the Carlton Corsair and swapping the flats for a pair of Sakae’s finest drops , after a quick evaluation ride all felt well apart from a wobbly back end .

I used the Carlton for this morning commute just to get another 3 miles under its belt , rode well just need to sort out the mudguard to tyre contact that was not there last night . I dropped it down to my Local Bike Shop tonight for them to do there magic on the rear wheel , so fingers crossed .

Tonight i have just de gunked the rear mechanism on the Nigel Dean and wiped the dust grime away from the rear sprocket , wheel spokes , hub and rim .

The quill stem is rather stiff in movement so have given that a good soaking in plusgas and a few soft blow with the wooden hammer handle to try and loosen it up .

I think this one will take a fair bit of cleaning up but lets hope its worth it in the end