Khs 14 aero Turbo

A couple of weeks ago on my local Gumtree website I spotted a rather nice looking Khs 14 Aero Turbo with a great retro paint job that sadly was missing the white stars .


What I know about Khs bikes has always led me to keep an eye out for them when they become available as they always seem to ride well and be made well enough .


This one lived up to my hopes and I happily paid the full asking price and loaded it in to our car to take it home .

It didn’t look like it needed an awful lot of work , ie Pump the tyres up and lift the seat post and quill stem up to suit my needs once these tasks were done it was time for a ride or two and I was far from disappointed in it .


A couple of days-worth of commuting proved trouble free so I decided to take it on a couple of longer 15+ mile rides again these all went well , but they did show that ideally this 54cm sized frame was a bit on the small side for me and would either need a longer stem or a laid back seat post to make it suit me better .


At the moment I have decided against doing either of the above as I have enough correct fitting bikes to use , so I currently have this up for sale if anybody is interested please contact me

Khs Turbo

About a week ago one of my regular Racing Bikes Biggs682 Facebook page visitors asked my advice about selling his 1980’s KHS Turbo road bike that he had cycled the 100 mile 2015 Eroica Brittanica on without any issues .


Khs Turbo


I have been looking for a KHS road bike for a while and preferably one of the ones with the curved seat tube but in all fairness I have only seen 2 or 3 of them for sale on e bay in the last few years and not one of them was local or with in my budget. Once he told me what it was, as I couldn’t quite make out the brand on his initial picture, I was quick to reply with “ If you would package and courier it I would love it “ and he was just as quick to reply with “ Really , I could bring it , where do you live ? ” .


Khs Aero Turbo

So once we sorted out the day and time the bike was duly delivered as promised . I was at work when it was delivered so when I got home at lunch time it was there waiting for me .



My initial inspection was along the lines of that looks as good as expected but what are those tyres? ! In all fairness the seller had warned me and when I looked harder it made a lot more sense as I could see the rims were 27” x 1” and the tyres were 27” x 1 ¼” so it looked over tyred but on closer inspection there was loads of clearance between the tyres and the frame so no real issue at all .


Khs Turbo

Once I finished work and got home I couldn’t resist jumping aboard and giving it a gentle once round the block , so off I went, all was going well until I applied the rear brake and for whatever reason the cable nipple decided it wasn’t going to sit in the handle any longer and jumped out leaving me with only a front brake , so caution was the main word from there onwards .


Khs Turbo

The bike felt very fluent indeed , and all the gear changes I made were nice and smooth which is what I expected from Shimano 600 Arabasque units all round apart from a very nice Sugino crankset which looks very similar indeed . The tyres rode well, they didn’t feel over tyred on the short ride a few more miles will tell the tale better . Apart from the rear brake cable incident the brakes worked well enough and once pressure was applied the bike started to slow down without any juddering or pulling which is always a good sign .


Khs Turbo

For those that don’t know the tubing is Tange champion no 2 which is on a par with Reynolds 501 tubing , I like Tange tubing very much it’s a bit rarer and different to Reynolds and Columbus tubing . I have owned a few bikes that were made of Tange, the main one being my Marin Bear Valley mtb and a couple of Charge branded frames were also Tange tubed . The paintwork has just the right amount of patina for a 20+ year old bike in my mind . The chromed fork crown has suffered worse of all but it’s there and it shines , as does the original blue paintwork .


Khs Turbo

In theory the frame is a shade small for me so I need to look at getting a longer seatpost and maybe a longer quill stem but will do the seat post first once I have checked my stock for a 26.6mm diameter one . Once that is sorted I can then press on and do some miles on this classic bike .