When I was out on my Ian May last night pounding the black stuff I could not get my mind away from the fact that the front wheel had only been fitted about 10 minutes before hand .


Ian May

I hear you all ask what difference does that make? It’s not so much the difference, it’s more about the fact that a couple of days before I picked the wheel up from my Local Bike Shop after they had replaced all the spokes for me as well as giving the bearings some fresh grease and adjustment .


As I rode up our drive the spokes were busily talking to each other and by the time I got to the end of the road they had gone quiet and were getting on with the job they were designed to do instead of going twang as they settled in against each other . Why I was thinking about this I have no idea as it’s not the first wheel they have rebuilt for me and I have not had an issue yet .


All the way round the 13 mile loop I was listening out for any strange noises and feelings that might occur with a freshly rebuilt wheel , it was no surprise that nothing happened and all went well as I sped along the tarmac , I even did a bit of pedal dancing as I climbed the small rise into Mears Ashby after descending down the previous hill at 25+ mph between Sywell village and Mears Ashby .


Ian May 4th

The bike itself was as normal a pleasure to ride and did all I asked from it . The two front lights were cutting through the darkness just enough for me to see and be seen by any traffic coming in the opposite direction whilst the rear was on full blinking mode to warn traffic approaching from behind that I was there. As well as these light I had my flashing vest on with the lights turned on , this is the 2nd year of using this vest and I am well impressed with its performance .


Ian May

Raleigh Dyna Tech 755 Ti

Well its the first time since I picked the Raleigh Dyna Tech 755tTi up a couple of weeks ago that I have been at home and the sun has been out and the roads were dry .


Raleigh Dyna Tech 755 ti

So here are the pictures I have been promising to take ever since .

Its 54.5cm square frame size so set in the pictures for me at 5ft 10″ . The titanium tubing is glued rather than brazed and was quite advanced for its day . The rear stay’s are pinned as it is said some of the earlier ones came unglued .


Dyna Tech Rear Stays


As can be seen its in lovely as new condition with all its original Shimano 600 groupset that includes headset, sti units , fr & rear mechanisms , hubs laced to Mavic open 4 cd rims , chainset and of course calipers .


Dyna Tech 600 Shimano


Dyna Tech Michelin Hi Lite Comp

The original Michelin HI Lite Comp 700 x 20 tyres are still as new like the rest of the bike .Ideally i would lift the black ITM stem slightly but don’t really want to risk scratching or marking it .

My ride to and from the photo site was less than a mile but it felt nice to ride and it certainly felt nice with crisp but sticky through lack of use gear changes and very smooth braking although I doubt the pads have even bedded in yet .


My local bike shop were impressed enough to comment on it and re told me the  time when their Raleigh rep said that Raleigh never expected many Dyna Techs to be used as most would become garage queens , not sure how true that is but this one certainly has been a garage queen all its life .

The original sales receipt is dated 17/06/95 and is for £879.00 ! so whats it worth today?

Seeing as its only covered 45 miles since then . Anybody interested feel free to message me and we can discuss it .

Ridley Crossbow for sale

For Sale
Ridley Crossbow Cyclocross / Road Bike
Frame size measured from centre of crank to top of seat post is 64 cm or 25 1/4″ 


Ridley Crossbow

the measurement from centre of crank to joint between cross tube and seat tube is 62 cm or 24 3/4″ and 58 cm or 23″ along the top tube centre to centre
 And has a standover height of 88 cm or 34 3/4″ so one for the taller person ie 6ft +
As far as i know its a 2009/10 frameset that i was told had covered less than 300 road miles and has been in storage since mid 2010 . 
Nice royal blue and contrasting black paint scheme . 
Fitted with 4ZA Zornyc carbon / alloy forks the rest of the frame is 7005 T6 alloy so nice and light yet very stiff and forgiving to ride .


4ZA Zornyc carbon / alloy forks

Fitted with Campagnolo Veloce sti units that operate Shimano 105 front mechanism and a Ultrega rear mechanism
 with a Shimano 105 compact double crankset with 175mm arms . 
 for good strong stopping power with all new cables .


Rdley crossbow shimano cantilever brakes

Wheels are Campagnolo Veloce hubs fr & rr laced on to Amrosio shallow aero rims with worn Michelin Axial pro slicks 700 x 23.
Hubs were serviced less than 100 miles ago .
Easton EA50 seat post, 1 x bottle cage (not pump as in pic)

Easton ea50 ridley crossbow

 Bontranger 95 mm very steep stem with ITM Racing Super 330 anatomic 44 black drop bars with new bar tape .
This was purchased as a frameset by myself then built up less than 100 miles ago by my local bike shop .
 Ridley Crossbow
Only selling as its a bit on the large size for me although i have ridden it and found it great to ride
i just cant find the sweet set up due to size
Asking £425 collected from NN8 Wellingborough post code as i will struggle to find a box large enough to pack it in
Loads more pictures just ask .

My Carlton Pro Am

Aprox 18 months ago I swapped a nice little Swinnerton road bike for a completely stripped Carlton pro am12.


It was initially pushed to one side to wait its turn amongst my other current projects , well a couple of weeks ago it finally reached the top of the pile , and the rebuild started .



The paintwork was left untouched along with all its original patina from over 30 years of use , which I feel is the best approach rather than going for a complete repaint and losing all its originality in one fell swoop . I wanted to try and keep it as near as standard as possible so retained original gear mechanisms and levers along with brake calipers and levers , handlebars , stem and seat post .

The original crank set had long gone so the nearest one I had in my parts box was used , this being a slightly more modern stronglight set that I feel does not look out of place . The original wheels were used on a much earlier project of mine so a hunt through my stock of wheels gave me a choice of sprint & tub wheels or a mixed age set of clincher style wheels , I have decided at the moment to use the clinchers but might change my mind yet .

The build included new bottom bracket , 7 speed block , chain , cables all round , a pair of Vittorio Zaffiro tyres , cleaned and re greased wheel and headset bearings along with both wheels being re trued where required . I am afraid to say the vast majority of this work was carried out by local bike shop C E Adkins and then I finished it all off .

Its initial test ride was a successful one with the only issues being found were the front mechanism stops wanting a slight tweak and a very noisy rear brake which squealed rather loudly when applied , but then what can you expect as when removed the pads looked like they were the original pads !


At the moment I have covered a grand total of 12 miles so it is early days but I can say it rides very nicely and I am looking forward to putting a few more miles on it .

This was sold aprox 1 year ago but thought i would share it again

Time Travel

Years ago when i first started driving i loved the blue oval badge of Ford and owned several Mk 1 & Mk 2 Escorts from the humble 1300 GT to an original droop snoot RS2000 as i grew up my tastes evolved and owned a couple of Sierra 4 x 4 ‘s which were great cars for covering miles in no matter what conditions nature threw at you on the way .

Eventually my employment in the motor trade introduced me to the delights of Honda’s and Toyota’s along with there legendary reliability . I owned an original CRX V-tec that would scream all the way round the rev counter to 8000 rpm in all but top gear and still returned 30 mpg on average . The Toyota Corolla Gxi was another enjoyable drive that i owned fresh from the dealership where i worked to the day several months later when it was sold so i could use the funds as a deposit on my first house .

I was lucky enough to be entitled to a company vehicle that would range from a Toyota Starlet to a 3.0 v6 Camry estate and many other models in between , i dread to think how many miles were covered in these fine cars .

As years past so did my jobs eventually i ended up for my sins working at an Alfa Romeo – Fiat franchise , boy oh boy they were bad cars , the first Alfa i drove lasted less than half a mile before a warning light came on ! Needless to say i didnt stay there long in fact about 6 months .

So my point is we now own a Ford C Max and over night for whatever reason the time and date display had lost 14 months !






Quality is more than frame deep

The quality of the Hardisty i have at this moment never ceases to amaze me .

The chromed headstock upper and lower lugs are great to look at as are the chromed front forks and half chromed rear triangle which i fully believe to be chromed under the paint .

The cut out Cinelli bottom bracket shell is a sign of quality surely never mind the way it rides .

Well imagine my surprise tonight then when i dropped the forks out so i could clean and re grease the headset , the stearer tube has the Columbus logo stamped on it …. so i can now say its got Columbus forks

Hardisty's Chromed Headstock lugsHardisty's Cinelli Bottom Bracket ShelHardisty's Cinelli Bottom Bracket ShelHardisty's Cinelli Bottom Bracket Shell