Early Morning Rides

I get quite a few people ask me why I go out cycling pre 6 am in the morning !



There are quite a few reasons really  but it is difficult to put them in any specific order.


Harry Quinn

I normally ride for between 45 minutes and just under 2 hours, so it gives me some good exercise which is something we all need to try and stay healthy, without eating into the normal family time .

Empty road

Another reason is that the roads are a lot quieter than they are later in the day that’s for sure which also should make it safer as well .

This also allows me to keep a look out for the wildlife that you would not normally see , in the last few weeks I have spotted deer , a couple of owls , pheasants , rabbits along with the normal hedgerow birds.  It is quite nice to ride along as they flit from branch to branch.


Along with the wildlife are some of natures other wonders you see like this fungi that was growing out of the base of a tree right on the road edge .

Aende Tourer

I quite often find myself changing route as I go along just to try and get a decent picture be it the sun rise or a stunning scenery  with a strategically placed bike .


Another reason why I go cycling early is so it does not eat in to the precious time that me and my partner get alone .


Mighty Quinn Part 2

I blogged last week about how I was due to collect the Harry Quinn Frameset from Lee Cooper, frame builder supremo, who was given the task to remove the bonded in Campag cups and repair the bottom bracket threads by whichever way he thought was best .


He had warned me when I dropped it off that there were no guarantees but he would do his best and try and keep any damage to the existing paintwork to minimum .


So when he explained and showed me what he had done I was extremely surprised and pleased, he ended up having to put two repair patches in the bottom bracket shell instead of the hoped one , which unfortunately meant that the stamped Q frame number was lost.


Harry Quinn bottom bracket

As you can see he has done a very neat job and it just needs me to clean it up and apply some paint .


Harry Quinn

I should also think that the eagle eyed ones of you have noticed that I went ahead and had as much of the running gear transplanted across from the Peugeot Competition as well, after 3.5 miles covered so far I can say that I am very impressed with the whole package.


Harry Quinn

I am quite excited about this bike for various reasons , mainly because anybody that has ever ridden or owned a Q prefixed Quinn are always saying how good they are to ride . And I think this one certainly looks the part what with its fairly fresh paint job and nice spec modern equipment in a nice retro frame .

Long term plans well that is a good question , i am sorely tempted to fit some guards and use it as my all weather bike but will have to see how it goes after a few more test rides .


Quick update 24/01/16 just spent 5 minutes wire wooling the underside of the bottom bracket shell and this is what i found


Harry Quinn frame number


The Mighty Quinn

Tomorrow morning I should be collecting the white Harry Quinn frameset back from Lee Cooper after he has removed the “glued” in external bottom bracket cups and has also performed a cut and shut operation on the bottom bracket shell due to the threads being a bit suspect .


This frameset has been in my garage for quite a while whilst I have deliberated what to do with it . I always thought it was too good a quality frame just to leave sitting around doing nothing . At one point I even listed it for sale but I soon realized that if it sold I would have totally missed the chance of owning and riding a genuine Q prefixed Harry Quinn bike .


It would also keep up the tradition of having a couple of Merseyside built bikes in my stable . At some point in its life the rear drop outs have been spread to accept later 130mm style hubs and the brake bridges have also been modified to take Allen key style brake calipers .

At this moment of time I am unsure exactly what components are going to be used in its build. I would have liked to have used period parts but when the frame has already been modified to accept modern components it seems to make sense to use modern ones. So my thoughts are to strip all the “ Yellow” Shimano 105 items apart from brake calipers from the recently acquired Peugeot Professional road bike and use them .


Peugeot Professional

This would give me a nicely equipped retro road bike running an 18 speed sti controlled gear system along with modern dual action calipers that will be looking after the slowing and stopping needs of the brakes when required .


The above should also result in a fairly light road bike with the legendary Quinn handling and ride quality with an added bonus of modern components .

I am normally against the stripping down of one bike to build another up but my other option is to build using a New Old Stock Shimano 2300 group set  and a pair of Shimano branded wheels . It’s a decision I shall make over the weekend and work will commence next week with the help of my local bike shop .

Either way it looks fairly likely that I will hopefully be doing some test miles on the finished project soon so will keep you posted .

Harry Quinn Frameset with issue please read

For Sale

Harry Quinn frame set Q2297 with issues .


please note the bottom bracket bearing cups/carriers for what i believe a Campagnola Ultra Torque crank set ARE BONDED INTO PLACE rather than screwed as per normal !!! I am led to understand this was done due to the threads being to weak to screw them in .quinn2hq6

This was done prior to me getting the frame so i have no idea how weak the threads are . I have no idea if these cups are removable by some way or another .

Frame is a 22 1/4″ or 56.5cm from centre to centre up the seat tube and 22 3/4″ or 57.5cm along the the top tube ctc and has a standover height of 32 ” or 81cm on 700c wheels as per pics.


Frame was powder coated aprox 18 months ago in a bright white colour and gold lug lining and has stood up well although there are some areas where it has darkened and other defects are visable but it it presentable for sure . Frame and frks have been modified to take later type allen key calipers . 1 x set of bottle cage mounts , mudguard eyes front & rear .Centre pull cable guide on rear stays which are wrap over and flattened near seat tube , rear drp out has been set at 128mm ish .Takes a 27.2 post and has aprox 65mm brake drop for 700 wheels dia compe brs 202 fit fine .


Please note only supplied as a frame set ie forks incl with a black stronglight head set and bonded in bottom bracket cups . NO WHEELS NO CALIPERS NO FR & RR MECHANISMS NO CABLES NO SEAT PINCH BOLT .

Asking for £75 shipped to a uk std post code or £60 collected from Wellingborough nn8 postcode