Giant Peloton Rambles

For some strange reason a lot of the Giant Pelotons or Speeders from the 1980’s you see for sale in the UK have the above issue and I have found two currently for sale on ebay with seized seat posts . The normal alloy seat post in a steel tube suffers from a chemical reaction. This can hopefully be avoided by regularly removing the post and re inserting after a clean and an application of some grease or whatever you favour to stop this happening .


This is the third Giant I have owned over the years and have always found them to be great machines that are readily available at a reasonable cost on the second hand market . They are normally fairly well equipped with mid-range Shimano exage equipment and Wolber alloy rims and Giant’s own branded handlebars , seat post and quill stem .

At some point in its previous life this machine has had the downtube levers replaced by Shimano Sora 3 x 7 sti units along with a matching Shimano Sora double crankset , these have not deterred from the bikes overhaul performance or enjoyment at all and if anything are a worthwhile modification .


The frame is made from good old cro mo 4130 tubing so nothing really fantastic but a lot better than good old gas pipe used on many other frames of the same period. From what I understand the later 7400 and 8400 series Pelotons are alloy framed bikes but so far I have never managed to own one .

I have covered a total of 32 miles on this to date and I can honestly say it is an excellent ride, the only slight issues are trying to find the ideal sweet spot on the front mechanism to avoid chain rub and the brakes are very poor which I am hoping will be sorted by a change of pads .

As can be clearly seen it is finished in a rather plain and almost boring colour scheme compared to the variety of schemes and colours a lot of these come in . The first one of these I owned was a mixture of yellow , white and pink in colour and to me looked absolutely fantastic but not everybody agreed , but then we are all different .

 Giant Speeder lite

This needs very little work doing to it apart from a clean to remove all the sprayed up dirt from riding in damp conditions and then a clean and re grease of the headset and some new brake pads fitting as all the cable looks to be in good shape as do the tyres .