Sid’s first 33 miles

I decided to use my fixed wheel Sid Mottram for my early morning ride today.

My plan was to do a couple of my regular 12 mile loops just in case I had any issues.

As I approached the top of the mad mile I made the executive decision to head off towards Holcot village .

After stopping for the above picture in Holcot I set off towards Pitsford which gave me two route options if needed .

I stopped at Pitsford parish church for a quick photo before cycling off towards Boughton . As I glanced down at my Garmin I noticed that my average speed was a very good 14.5 mph which considering the route so far impressed me .

Another photo stop in Boughton in front of some thatched terraced cottages situated on a sharp downhill right hand bend just before the village church.

Next village to be visited was Moulton where I stopped in the village square for the above picture.

As I cycled away from Moulton I decided to head home rather than go further afield as my fingers were starting to feel slightly chilly .

Once I had ridden through Overstone and Sywell I had a quick ride around the industrial units at Sywell airport but failed to find a good spot for another picture so pressed on towards home .

As I neared the bottom of the mad mile I decided that the above industrial barrier would be my final picture of the day.

So 33 miles on another of my winter road bike fleet had been completed .

Sid Mottram Fixed gear .

I purchased this Sid Mottram a couple of weeks ago from the daughter of the original owner .

As far as she could remember it was bought by her late father in the 1950’s after a trip to see Sid Mottram in Leicester shop .

Through the covering of dust and grime built up over the years of storage I could see a nice bike lurking below .

It’s fitted with a mix of original and later components ie Williams chainset , wienmann 27″alloy rims , GB drop bars and a Reynolds 531 stem that had been wrapped up in black bar tape . Thankfully the constrictor lamp bracket hadn’t been covered as well .

Once I removed the tape I could see the damage to the glorious chromed stem that years of tape had caused ie lots of flaking chrome.

My plan is to swap the cranks for a set of stronglight items along with a 19 toothed fixed rear cog . The front wheel will be respoked . It will also need some new cables and brake pads .

I am unsure if it’s a Wally Green or Mercian built frame . But either way I am looking forward to covering some miles on it.

R.E.W Reynolds the 4th

Earlier in the week I wrote a blog about how I had finally got the blue R.E.W Reynolds ready for doing some miles on , well the new 700 x 28c Continental tyres arrived yesterday and were duly fitted last night as the set of tyres already fitted were rather past their sell by date .

 Blue r.e.w TYRES

I also pulled up some of the slack in the brakes to take some of the excess free play in the brake levers away and adjusted the position of the actual levers on the bars for a more comfy riding position . This Is the third R.E.W I have owned and ridden in the last few months and the fourth one I have owned in total .

My main attraction on the R.E.W’s is the fact that it’s the most local  bike shop to me that actually made and sold its own frames and complete bikes although I believe that the vast majority were sold as just frames and the new owners built them up themselves for some unknown reason .

I have found them all to be very nice bikes to ride and are very rewarding as they seem to roll along quite nicely and certainly soak up the miles without too much effort being felt by the lucky rider or owner . This latest one of mine has the same positive feel to it and when you turn the handlebars to point it around the approaching corner it actually gives you a very confident feeling that the bike is going to obey this instruction .

 Blue R.E.W Reynolds

All of the R.E.W’s I have owned apart from the small coppery coloured one have had rather more patina than I would normally like but hey these bikes are over 30 years of age and we all carry a few battle scars , so it is only to be expected . This one came with a lot of rust coming through the original pale blue paintwork, but I have gently rubbed it with some soft wire wool and then applied some T-Cut restoring paste to the paintwork which has taken quite a bit of the rust away so with a few more applications of both it will hopefully look better .

 R.E.W Reynolds

The original rusty steel 27” wheels have been replaced by a set of nice alloy 700 wheels which have helped reduce the overall weight of the bike a bit . The only other change has seen the fitment of my Selle SMP lite 209 saddle instead of the original Selle Italia suede one which had gone a bit bubbly in appearance .

 R.E.W Rim

The white Bluemels guards are in remarkable condition with just a small split near the front flap fixture and I just need to give them a good clean to try and remove some of the in ground dirt that a quick wet wipe didn’t remove .

 Bluemels Guard

For the time being I am leaving it as a 10 speed bike as I don’t really feel it needs any extra gears to play with as the original rear block has enough spread of gears for the routes I travel . The only other work I intend or would like to do is to fit some dual action calipers instead of the centre pull calipers currently fitted , and to add some bar tape once I have the brake levers in the most comfy position for me .

Blue R.E.W Reynolds

I am hoping to keep this bike as my winter road bike , so it will have to get use to some of the normal British weather elements i.e. rain , sleet and yet more rain .