For Sale Claud Butler Sierra

For Sale

1986 ish Claud Butler Sierra road racing bike or ideal as a touring / commuting bike , would even make a good student bike .


Claud Butler Sierra

Complete Frame and forks are reynolds 501 and measure 22 3/4″ or 58cm from centre of crank to centre of seat pinch bolt and 22 1/2″ or 57cm along the top tube ctc with a standover height of 32″ or 81cm finished in original white gold paintwork with matching decals some chips and scratches as to be expected but all in all nice original condition.


Claud Butler Sierra

Shimano Altus mechs and levers control the 10 gears , solida crankset (i think) wienman 500 & 730 brake calipers , Maillard hubs laced on to what i believe are rigida 700 rims with 500 mile old Continental 28c ultra sport tyres hubs were overhauled about same time as tyres were fitted and Quandro quick release’s were added .


Shimano Altus Rear Mechanism

Sakae world champion bars on un branded stem with weinman part drilled brake levers and original hoods still fitted . One set of bottle cage mounts but no cage or bottle included . Older styl bullet seat ost is free to move and adjust as is the quill stem .

A full set of unbranded guards front and rear these are functional but do have a couple of splits and cracks in them . An unbranded black rear carrier is also included .


Claud Butler Sierra

Asking £115 collected from NN8 postcode or could be sent to most uk post codes for an extra £25 .

loads more pics just ask or see Racing Bikes Biggs682 facebookpage


Friday evening waffle with steel content

This morning’s pre work ride saw the Giant Peloton complete its 100 mile test period , so it will be up for sale soon . The next bike in line for testing and evaluation is a 2000 model year Peugeot Performance road bike that was recently added to my collection . The initial ride up and down the cul de sac only showed that the brakes needed adjusting so once the cables were adjusted and tyres inflated it was ready for some gentle commuting miles before hitting the tarmac .


It looks totally original in specification apart from a few subtle changes , the Shimano flight deck sti units and mechanism’s feel nice and smooth in operation which is always a good sign . It’s a 54cm sized frame, slightly smaller than I normally ride,  so it will be interesting to see how I get on comfort wise . As long as it comes through todays 8 miles of commuting without needing loads of work doing I shall be swapping the saddle over for one of my Selle smp lite 209 that I always try to use .


This is the newest Peugeot I have had and it will be interesting to see how it compares with older models that I have used before. They have always been capable commuting and general use bikes that are happy to just trundle along in a nice relaxed manner . The last few bikes I have been using have all been sti equipped rather than down tube shifters , and to be honest I am getting to like the feel of them now but I do miss the having to tickle the lever now and again to obtain the ideal position .

 Peugoet 531 pro

The silver paintwork and contrasting decals have stood up to the test of time well with just a few small storage related marks as to be expected on a bike that is 15 years old after all .The frame is made with Columbus Aelle grade tubing and straight cro mo. steel forks so should be fairly light in weight with a nice positive feel to it .


It looks like the original Shimano sora brake calipers have been replaced by a pair of Shimano 105  “Champagne” units that seem to provide more than adequate braking on the few times I have applied the brakes so far . It looks like the wheels are the original semi aero style Rigida units and I wouldn’t be surprised if the tyres are still the original ones either and surprisingly they show little sign of any sidewall cracking and shape loss . I will be treating the Vittoria tyres with some respect for the first few miles just in case any signs of age become apparent during use . It is also fitted with a nice looking Miche headset that feels like it could do some fresh grease .


As long as today’s commute goes well the bike should see a few more gentle miles over the weekend and then hopefully a full week of use next week . I need to transfer the lights across from the Giant so I can be seen and also so I can see the road ahead . Hopefully this bike will be my “Smile a mile” bike for the week ahead .

This should be an ideal commuting machine that will hopefully be at home on the open road clocking up many a mile in the future once I have completed some testing miles .


Is it me or are there a shortage of smaller sized Vintage road bikes ?

All I have seen for sale over the last few weeks on the internet, that I like the look of have either been 23” or 58cm sized frames or above.

For whatever reason I know from experience that I can normally get away with just being able to ride up to 23.5” or 59cm sized framed bikes more so if 27” wheeled machines .

My 2nd Ian May

My buying and selling of a bike is normally limited to retro road bikes from the 70’s & 80’s with the occasional newer machine joining the stock list , so that limits my choice for fresh stock to start with never mind being limited to size restrictions as well .

In an ideal world I think a 21.5” or 22.5” framed bike would be best for me , out of my current collection of bikes both of my Soens fall in to that size area and I find both of those machine extremely comfy and pleasurable to ride . The inch difference can make a huge difference in level of comfort for the rider , some people are always saying to me buy smaller sized frames and bring saddle stem up to compensate along with a longer stem to push the bars away to help with the reach issue . These are both true and I have tried them both a couple of times and yes it does work , but sometimes they can make the bike look a bit silly .


I can understand why bikes built to an individual customers needs are a lot more expensive when compared to an off the peg machine. However, I am guessing that the extra costs are offset in terms of comfort level in riding a bike that is built to suit rather than riding a bike that is adjusted to suit . I would also think that a lot of these made to measure machines change hands a lot cheaper than on the 2nd hand market than they should do as well . It must be nice being able to specify what levels of equipment you want fitted never mind choosing colour schemes .

Roy Thame

Ok most new off the peg bikes offer a couple of choices in colour schemes and associated finishing kit , firms like Trek offer the choice of being able to customize a complete bike build but only on a limited range of top end models . I have had a couple of plays on the Trek systems, and boy, you can have some weird colour schemes that would certainly make your bike more individual .It wasn’t long ago that the only choice you had on tyres were black or tan side walls and tread pattern was always black across the complete area. Whereas now you can have complete coloured tyres or just coloured side walls , loads of different styles of handlebar tape and coloured saddles which can all make your bike more individual than the one next door.

The Difference

I tend to ride the same basic route and depending on the actual distance I am setting out to do depends on where I either turn off or carry straight on .

Somebody asked me over the weekend to time my Sunday am 13 mile ride to see if I was quicker or slower than normal due to the bike I was using !

My intended mount was my Motobecane Super Mirage , normal time for this ride is approx 50 – 52 mins which I am more than happy with no matter which bike I ride along this route . I set off at 06.45 am by the cooker digital display and upon return it was reading 07.37 am so 52 mins for ride is about right .

I actually thought it would be a bit of a slower ride due to the following reasons: bike was equipped with big clunky flat pedals so no cages or clips , a lot wider and more padded saddle than I normally ride with , down tube mounted non indexed gear levers and riding into a head wind for 2 of the last 3 miles and I was riding a semi gas pipe frame rather than a nice Reynolds 531 or Columbus tubed frameset so had an extra 1 or 2kg’s to push around .

Motobecane Mirage

I was surprised in one respect but must admit not in others as I have ridden the same route for over a year now using a variety of bikes from single speed machines to 21+ geared bikes and always seem to be about the same time . One day I will have to try out a carbon fandango machine to see how much quicker I would actually be .

BH Carbon Road Bike

All of my rides are done with no tracking or gps equipped devices hence why I check the cooker clock before and after my ride , I must admit one bike does have a trip recorder fitted but purely for checking distance compared to what Google map says for same route . I also try and ride at a pace that I am comfortable with rather than going hell for leather . The same goes for my attire no lycra in sight .

Soon I shall be able to get my Sunday best Ian May out and give that a blast round and see what happens , now I am not expecting it to be much if any quicker at all but let’s just say it will be a nice ride that should be able to put a smile on my face , as do most of my rides . My cycling is done for exercise and a bit of relaxation from the day to day stresses of normal life .

My First Ian May

2 New arrivals in the stable today

it was an early start for me today as i had 2 bikes to go and look at and if they were half decent come away with

first up was a Nigel Dean road bike that had sat unused according to the seller for 5 + years and looking at the dust and cobwebs i would say its about right . I could see it had full Shimano 105 groupset ie brake levers , down tube shifters , brake calipers and both hubs which look to be laced to a nice pr of Mavic open 4 rims and to top it off a Campag aero seat post with a Turbo suede covered saddle . It will need a bit of fettling but not to much

Nigel Dean Roadbike

Next stop was 6 miles away to find a very original Carlton Corsair that had belonged to the seller late grandad .The only change from original spec is a pr of blue pannier bags and a set of flat bars instead of drops so easily rectified .

According to seller it was used a few times in the last 9 years but not many so again a quick re fresh on the grease front and some cables and of course a brooks b17 will see this one mobile and ready an ideal commuter if ever there was

Carlton Corsair

Time Travel

Years ago when i first started driving i loved the blue oval badge of Ford and owned several Mk 1 & Mk 2 Escorts from the humble 1300 GT to an original droop snoot RS2000 as i grew up my tastes evolved and owned a couple of Sierra 4 x 4 ‘s which were great cars for covering miles in no matter what conditions nature threw at you on the way .

Eventually my employment in the motor trade introduced me to the delights of Honda’s and Toyota’s along with there legendary reliability . I owned an original CRX V-tec that would scream all the way round the rev counter to 8000 rpm in all but top gear and still returned 30 mpg on average . The Toyota Corolla Gxi was another enjoyable drive that i owned fresh from the dealership where i worked to the day several months later when it was sold so i could use the funds as a deposit on my first house .

I was lucky enough to be entitled to a company vehicle that would range from a Toyota Starlet to a 3.0 v6 Camry estate and many other models in between , i dread to think how many miles were covered in these fine cars .

As years past so did my jobs eventually i ended up for my sins working at an Alfa Romeo – Fiat franchise , boy oh boy they were bad cars , the first Alfa i drove lasted less than half a mile before a warning light came on ! Needless to say i didnt stay there long in fact about 6 months .

So my point is we now own a Ford C Max and over night for whatever reason the time and date display had lost 14 months !






Best Bike

People keep asking me out of all the bikes that have passed through my garage which one was the best one ?

My answer is quite simple but opens another couple of questions like

Best Looking ?
Best Riding Experience?
Best Value ?

The answer to the above questions is just as hard as the original ones as a good looking bike need not be the one that gives the best riding experience .

My personal choice on all the bikes i have owned would be the one pictured below , its an early 90’s B H Stevlo alloy frameset that arrived as per picture and i had no need for any further work other than adjust the saddle and ride it .

B H Stevlo