Winter Jacket Woes

As we all know winter is approaching fast in the UK and its time for us Cyclist’s to start thinking about clothing that will keep us dry and warm whilst cycling .

I am open to suggestions and ideas about what waterproof jacket to purchase this year as I need a new one . I am currently using an Altura Night Vision, but this has lost a few of its reflective panels and every so often the front zip just pops open so it is not really ideal .

 Altura Night Vision

This is the second if not third Altura jacket I have had and being honest I am less than impressed with them as all of them have lost some of the reflective panels and have also let in water, although being washed using Grangers 30 degree c wash seems to have sorted the leaking issue .


Last year I decided to try an Endura Luminite jacket. After quite a bit of online research it seemed to be a good strong product from a UK manufacture with a good warranty to back it up and one of the local Cycle shops retailed them at a price very close to the online prices offered. My initial reaction was good and looked forward to a long and happy ownership of said jacket .


After less than a few months I was experiencing loss of reflective panels here and there. Although this is not a big issue ,when a jacket is being sold with these highlighted as an important safety feature they ought to stay attached as long as the jacket is wearable surely . In all fairness I returned the jacket to the retail outlet I purchased it from and was given a credit straight away I also had the option of swapping the jacket for the same product but would have to wait for some new stock to come in .

From that day onwards I have been looking at jackets but so far I have not replaced it as I can not make a decision on which new one to buy. There are certain things I want my jacket to include as well as being waterproof and comfy to wear . The extra things are a decent sized rear pocket or pouch that is hopefully zip able , at least two other pockets, one of which one has to be able to carry my mobile phone and keep it dry and secure and some reflective detailing to help me be seen when out riding in less than ideal weather conditions .

What makes the search even harder is all my local Cycle shops only seem to sell Altura and Endura and I would rather try another brand . My local Halfords carry the Dare 2b range but they just seem to lack the quality feel I would hope for and also the fabric on their Caliber II seams to rustle a bit when worn and moving around the shop .


Looking on line at other brands, they all seem to offer a jacket that fits my needs but without being able to try one on and see what it feels like just makes the job even harder . I like the look of the North wave Traveler jacket but as yet have not seen one in the flesh , I was told to check out the Endura Flip jacket by somebody but again not seen one and the specification I found on one web site said it was only shower proof not rain proof .


I have seen and like the Mavic HC H20  on line at quite a few retailers and like the look of it but again no local sellers , I also like the look of some of Maddison range but again no local retailers .


I need to make a decision soon as winter is approaching fast and there is nothing worse than cycling when damp .