Worth the wait .

Over the years I have kept an eye out for a local tidy Specialized Tricross Sport and until just before the lockdown I hadn’t found one at what I call a sensible price .

I thought to myself that will do and if not I can soon sell it on . Well after doing a couple of short rides around the block to see what it felt like I was duly impressed .

Once I started riding again I thought I might as well do some longer rides on it and up to date I have completed 197 miles on it and each mile has been a good one .

Normally it’s about this mileage I make my decision as to whether I decide to keep it or sell it.

And I am enjoying using this one so I have decided to extend that test period on the Tricross.

One of last weekends rides included a trip up to St Mary the Virgin Church that sits atop a hill overlooking the village of Whiston . The 3 X 9 gearing took all this in its stride. Normally I can only manage the path up to the church on my old Marin MTB.

Watch this space and see what I decide about this Tricross .

The garage queen is out again .

I have owned this Ian May decaled machine for a few years now . The actual make is unknown but it does have an Italian threaded bottom bracket so can only presume Italian parentage .

Normally I don’t use it till the month of May but this year it had to wait until June mainly as I wasn’t cycling in May with the covid pandemic around.

Over the years I have owned it the bike has undergone various changes ie at least 3 different types of wheels and tyres , 2 sets of calipers , 2 different bar and stem combination’s due to different reasons.

I always think it looks cool especially being red and chrome and now with red tyres just to finish it off .

It’s a lovely bike to ride and always soaks up whatever I throw at it and often comes back and asks for more . The miles just roll away and it doesn’t mind the occasional hilly terrain as well with a 52/42 chainset and a 12/36 rear cassette .

It never covers loads of miles each year but it’s always one of the bikes that I look forward to riding on a regular basis. And when you consider some of the machines in my garage that says a lot .

Viscount aerospace

A lot of people seem to run scared at the thought of owning or riding a Viscount because of the death fork tales of these classic bikes .

When a good friend of mine in France  asked me about buying this last year  as it was a bit big for him I jumped at the chance of doing so .

Over the last week I have been doing some test ride’s on it along with a few running adjustments and fine tuning . It’s mostly original apart from the rear wheel with nice clean paintwork and age related patina .

I like the design of the stronglight SX chainset and the Shimano crane derailleurs that control the 10 gears .

All in all I rather like riding this retro road bike it’s just a shame that the Viscount name went the way of so many other bike manufacturers .

This model has the aerospace tubing so it’s a nice lightweight machine especially when paired with the original alloy forks . Even the non aerospace tubed models ride well if you ask .

Let the tidy up begin

I have finally decided enough is enough and have started to sort out the mess in the garage .

It will take a while as I don’t really want to get halfway through it then have to stop . First decision is to decide on what kind of workbench I want and then get that on order along with a shelving unit .

So far I have filled a plastic storage box with saddles and a cardboard box with paired up pedals .

I even found a set of pedals made by Noli Cattaneo a name I had never even heard of , I have no idea what bike they came from .

I also found some campagnolo , MKS and Berthey loytard ones amongst them .

Next up is to sort out are the numerous saddle bags and smaller under saddle pouches that I have amassed over the years .

You think you struggle with sti units

So let’s be honest and admit that we all struggle from time to time when operating sti units .

I seem to have the biggest issue when swapping between bikes fitted with downtube lever’s and more modern equipped bikes .

Well this pony was certainly interested when I stopped at the gate to the field it was in .

I must admit I was slightly worried if it was going to take a chomp on them at one point but instead the horse left a nice slobbery mess over the left one .

Thankfully no horses or sti units were harmed in taking these pictures .

Turbo Tandem

I have decided to stop cycling on the open road till the covid 19 virus has finished ripping our world apart .

So instead of road cycling I have purchased a basic Bike But turbo trainer and have attached the family Raleigh pioneer venture u+1 tandem to it.

My main reason for choosing this machine from my collection of bikes was simple . We normally take the tandem with us when we go away on holidays. At least this way we can pretend that we cycling along Bournemouth promenade or around Centre parcs .

After a five minute try out I decided to swap the knobbly marathon tyre for a smoother treaded tyre .

The knobbly marathon stays on the front . So far I have done just under two hours of use . Ok it’s not the most enjoyable form of cycling but at least I can ride safely .

For the technical it’s an alloy framed machine made around the turn of the century . And is fitted with Shimano gearing offering 24 speeds and has cable operated disc’s .

A trip to the Zoo

My early morning ride today took in Wellingboroughs old zoo gardens .

As you can see in the above picture it’s no longer a real zoo , and I am not sure when it actually closed .

The bike I used was my recently acquired R.E.W Reynolds which was last ridden 20+ years ago. It has been confirmed as a Woodrup built frame that was made by Kevin Sayles in 1978 .

Apart from fitting some new Continental tyres , changing the original saddle for a selle SMP one along with a nice Campagnolo seat post.

The animals in the zoo gardens are all nicely wooden carved items and up to last year included a group of flying swan’s but alas these were vandalized beyond repair.

Today’s ride was only 6 miles across town to drop a letter of . I am hoping that over the weekend to cover a few more miles .

Why buy new

A couple of weekends ago I did a 32 mile return journey to pick up another bike .

The bike I was going to look at had been described as In good condition with no use for the last 18 months . The bike I saw upon arrival looked as it had only seen minimal useage at all .

I just don’t understand why people go and buy a new bike and then never use them and then sell them for a lot less than they paid for them in the first place . I can only presume they have money to throw away .

So if anyone fancies a very lightly if used at all Dolan Preffisio then you know who to get in touch with .

Fitted with SRAM rival 2 X 10 gearing and matching calipers with a SRAM red crankset , Shimano rs10 wheel set all of which look like they have done little miles if any at all .

Look what arrived

Saw this advertised over the weekend and I am sorry but I could not refuse it .

One previous owner from new in as new condition considering it’s from around 2003 .

Built with oversized carbon tubing with alloy lugs and bottom bracket shell .

Lots of lovely details on this one like the mono stay .

Not a lot of clearance for a set of guards so dry weather use only .

All in all I am looking forward to seeing the miles trundle by on this fine device .

Look kg231

I have often looked at Look branded bikes but up until a couple of weeks ago I had never owned one .

This one previous owner from new specimen turned up recently and I thought that it looked like a nice example so placed a fairly low bid in to see what happened.

A couple of days later and I was the only bidder so it ended up belonging to me .

It’s a full carbon frame that has been very well looked after. In the last couple of years it has been used as a single speed around town and general hack bike .

I would like to get it back to having some extra gears and a set of drop bars again , but first I need to find or adapt a front derailleur hanger to mount in the original position .

This is the nearest I have come across so far , just needs a bit of fine adjustment to the mounting holes .

So far I have used it on a few commutes and it feels very nice.