well i am Martin Biggs i live in Wellingborough Northamptonshire . I enjoy bikes well actually i enjoy retro steel racing or racer style bikes , they make up over 95% of my riding .

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  1. Hi I’ve posted this on Cycle chat and someone has suggested asking you –

    can anyone tell me where I can find a one-piece crank with three cog chain set? My 15 year old son needed a cheap sturdy bike to cycle/camp and lovingly fixed up one from the tip which did a great job around Normandy this summer. Neither of us realised until the pedal snapped off (duh!) that its large sized crank case and one-piece cast crank are now obsolete other than for BMX which of course don’t have triple chain sets. Any help to avoid replacing the whole frame gratefully accepted! P1050090.JPG P1050091.JPG thread on

  2. Hi Martin, I have just bought my 1st vintage road bike, its an Ian May from the 80s and I wondered if you might be able to offer some advice as I am new to vintage bikes? I bought it as after seeing it advertised locally I researched the name and found out it was sold from Ian May cycles not far from me and I liked the idea of the bike being kept locally. I intend to keep the frame as is and clean up/fix the rest, it has a replacement front wheel as well as saddle and I wondered what you would suggest, find a complete wheelset and replace both? if so what would you suggest as a cost effective replacement set? also what type of saddle would it have started its life with? Sorry if these seem random requests but it seems that there is little info to go on and your name came up a few times during my search as someone with an interest in Ian May cycles. Oh Im afraid I also don’t know much about whether the bike would have been a budget or high end spec when new so if I could list its various parts would you be able to help me work out if its a decent spec?

  3. Not sure if you’ll read this, but I couldn’t find any other way to contact you.
    I have a Kalkhoff racing style bike that I bought in 1977, (as an 18 year old with my new Barclaycard!), and have ridden ever since. I love the old girl and she is well maintained and was used until….. the front forks broke! This may have been festering for years as an unnoticed crack at the top may have formed after a seemingly undamaging collision with an idiot. Do you have an old fork that might fit? I live in Milton Keynes, and pass by Wellingborough sometimes , so could bring/pick up over the next few weeks.
    Regards, Ray Weston
    Mob 07761 381384.

    • hi ray

      i am also on facebook as Racing Bikes Biggs682 .

      Do you need them for 27″ or 700 wheels ?

      And how long a stearer do you need as i have a few pairs

      let me know


  4. Good Evening Martin ,

    Do you still have the Lake & Elliot Wheel Truing equipment still for sale ?


    Jim Thackray

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