Look kg231

I have often looked at Look branded bikes but up until a couple of weeks ago I had never owned one .

This one previous owner from new specimen turned up recently and I thought that it looked like a nice example so placed a fairly low bid in to see what happened.

A couple of days later and I was the only bidder so it ended up belonging to me .

It’s a full carbon frame that has been very well looked after. In the last couple of years it has been used as a single speed around town and general hack bike .

I would like to get it back to having some extra gears and a set of drop bars again , but first I need to find or adapt a front derailleur hanger to mount in the original position .

This is the nearest I have come across so far , just needs a bit of fine adjustment to the mounting holes .

So far I have used it on a few commutes and it feels very nice.

2 thoughts on “Look kg231

  1. Another wowzer. Too bad it’s been somewhat poorly modified. I have great confidence that you will have it back to normal quickly. One of the senior mechanics at the co-op says that unqualified people should not be allowed to work on their own bikes or dictate the modifications to be done.:-(

    I’m going to pass on the Bianchi that I mentioned earlier. It’s a good frame, but a little too rough for a quick flipper and not high enough quality to put a lot of money into. The co-op manager has committed to finding me a bike or frame for my winter project. They had a very nice higher end Motobecane that has a partial Campagnolo group it which may be a bit too expensive for a $200 flipper and my keeper/regular rider closet is full. 😉



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