Sid’s overhaul .

Well the mechanical overhaul is complete now on my 1950’s Sid Mottram fixed wheel bike.

The overhaul included swapping the original Williams chainset with an alloy stronglight one .

The front wheel was respoked along with some new grease for the wheel bearings front and rear and some new brake cables and pads .

The original paintwork and it’s patina was given a quick de dusting and then a t cut and polish to try and bring the shine .

The blue original guards have been replaced by a pair of black “sovereign” ones and in all fairness I think they look great.

The 48 X 18 fixed gearing has been tried and tested on my two other fixed wheel bikes.

Next job is to get some period ribbed bar tape .

6 thoughts on “Sid’s overhaul .

  1. You certainly do nice work!
    …and you are going to install handlebar tape???????? 😉
    Just curious, what is “T cut”? Meguiar’s has a product called Ultimate Compound that does a great job of restoring weathered paint. I think it’s available on your side of the pond.



    • Thanks Van and yes handle bar tape bright yellow pvc and ribbed for your pleasure !! T cut is a light cutting compound that must be similar to Meghiars which I heard about last week for the first time .

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