Sid Mottram Fixed gear .

I purchased this Sid Mottram a couple of weeks ago from the daughter of the original owner .

As far as she could remember it was bought by her late father in the 1950’s after a trip to see Sid Mottram in Leicester shop .

Through the covering of dust and grime built up over the years of storage I could see a nice bike lurking below .

It’s fitted with a mix of original and later components ie Williams chainset , wienmann 27″alloy rims , GB drop bars and a Reynolds 531 stem that had been wrapped up in black bar tape . Thankfully the constrictor lamp bracket hadn’t been covered as well .

Once I removed the tape I could see the damage to the glorious chromed stem that years of tape had caused ie lots of flaking chrome.

My plan is to swap the cranks for a set of stronglight items along with a 19 toothed fixed rear cog . The front wheel will be respoked . It will also need some new cables and brake pads .

I am unsure if it’s a Wally Green or Mercian built frame . But either way I am looking forward to covering some miles on it.

2 thoughts on “Sid Mottram Fixed gear .

  1. WOW! That’s my kind of project. The condition is remarkable for a 60+ year old bike. Hopefully, you will be able to salvage the chrome bits and what appears to be the original paint. It looks like only some surface rust on the paint. A mild solution of oxalic acid or strong vinegar should take care of it. Do you have restrictions on chrome plating in your area? It’s almost impossible to get it done over here. A lot of people send their parts to Mexico. By-the way, I don’t think I’ve ever seen down tube shifters on a bike that old. The earliest I recall was on a high end 60s racer.
    These old legs would need some gears. Even if they were just a lowly 3 speed IGH. 🙂

    • Thanks yes was hoping to give it a quick Wipe down then a t cut and some polish . Finished off with a set of new cables . It came with some spare wheels one of which I think is a alloy bodied 4 speed sturmey archer hub

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