Old Faithful stands in

This morning’s ride started with a flat rear tyre on the Dunelt fixed gear .

Luckily I hadn’t even left the garage and with damp underfoot conditions I wanted to use a bike with guards.

So the only other bike that fitted the bill was my daily commuter the Marin Bear Valley .

I decided straight away to change my intended route to take in the cycle path that runs from Thrapston to Rushden lakes.

This meant that the first 15 miles were all on tarmac and then the next 6 and a bit were a mixture of smooth and rough gravel surfaces.

The Marin always gives me a smile no matter what it’s being used for . The homeward journey was another 7 miles of tarmac .

As I rode through Irchester I decided to do a lap of Irchester country park .

The ride ended up being just over 29 miles in length , I have no idea how long my smile was but it certainly stayed for most of the day.

4 thoughts on “Old Faithful stands in

  1. Dang, I wish I had places to ride like you showed. Maybe it would give me the incentive to put in more miles. 🙂 While I may see some toad stools on a ride, I’m more likely to see a carved bear rather than an elf. Our few cycle paths are short and hard to get to via bike. So, my routes are typically in the bike lanes along busy streets or in residential areas. OH, well, at least I get to ride.

    Your Kona looks & sounds a lot Giant Iguana that I use for a townie. It has disc brakes and it set up as a 1 X 9.



  2. Speaking of smiles on one’s face: The Don Farrell reminds me of riding the English Evans three speed that I got when I was 13 or 14. It was much faster the cruisers that my friends were riding.


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