The Mistral has blown in

I picked up a much adapted Holdsworth last week as it’s previous elderly owner had finally hung up his cycling jersey .



He had swapped the drop bars for a set of flats , replaced the original crankset for an mtb inspired triple item along with matching Shimano sis thumb operated gear shifters and mechanisms .



The only change I have made was to replace the steel rimmed wheels for a set of alloy rimmed ones with new tyres . I also cleaned and lubed the chain as it looked like it needed doing and fitted one of my selle smp saddles .


The only other thing I have done is to use it for about 60 miles in its first week it has done a mixture of daily commutes and a nice Saturday morning pleasure ride .





2 thoughts on “The Mistral has blown in

  1. Hey, that’s a lot cleaner than the one I just sold. Looks to be a bit newer. Do you know the year? If you send me the serial number, I can research it. Did the previous owner, by chance, keep the original Campagnolo parts?



  2. Frame number looks to be 000964 and they switched to a 6 digit format mid way through 76 so either 76 or 77 would be my guess and in which case the Mistral was only sold as a frameset in those years .
    Alas no all i got was a set of drops and various other assorted bits & bobs

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