Sight’s seen on today’s ride.


These ornate gate’s are one of my favourite set’s of gates I see on my various rides .


I also saw this very faint stonemasons circle on St James the Strong Church.


I have often thought about going up to Gayhurst and I was not disappointed at all .


These cow’s seemed quite happy to see my and my Hardisty .

6 thoughts on “Sight’s seen on today’s ride.

  1. Those gates look very ornate and very expensive,st James the strong what a great name it looks very Italian in design and cows there so curious and a retro Steelie as well

  2. Yes, skill like that doesn’t come cheap and cows associate people with food and as you say a good old steel bike too

  3. Nice little travelogue. Unless I venture out 8-10 miles, all I get to see is residential neighborhoods or busy commercial streets with strip malls. We have a few parks with bike paths or trails along the river, but getting there is less than exciting. 😦

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