My £12 Falcon

After 37 miles this morning I am fast approaching the 200 mile point with the Falcon Explorer.


Really enjoying the way this bike soaks up the miles .


And the butterfly bar’s are really comfortable to use .


This must rate as the bargain of 2018 .

2018 is nearly over

Well another year is rapidly coming to a close .


And what a year .


I have covered over 5500 miles with a week to go .


I have discovered some new names .


And been reunited with some old friends .

All in all it hasn’t been that bad , how has your 2018 been ?

How far can you go on £12 ?

I reckon we would cover about 60 miles in our car on £12 of petrol at the current £1.16 per litre .


So far I have covered about the same amount of miles on my recent Falcon Explorer 12 acquisition .


Looking at the date stamps on the hubs it’s an early 90’s bike and which looks like it has led an easy life .


This bike will take on the role of my winter / wet weather bike until I get my Marin back on the road .

So far I have swapped the flat bar’s for a set of butterfly bar’s , adjusted the brakes , pumped up the tyres and wiped the dust off it .


This afternoon I have swapped the original tyres for some used Schwalbe Marathons and re greased the hubs .