Hercules Aston Tourist update

Since my original blog about this bike I have had a few stress filled moments whilst working on it .


First one reared its head when I went to take the quill stem out , as it would only allow me to move it up or down about half an inch . When I finally got it all apart I found that the last inch of the quill stem had come adrift from the rest .


Next came the two plus hours trying to fit a set of guards , I could get the guards to sit ok but couldn’t get the stays to reach the mounting points so in the end I found some brackets that I fitted between the stays and the mounts .


The other issue my local bike shop sorted by re-dishing the rear wheel so it sat central in the frame.



Once all these were sorted it’s been plain sailing and I can honestly say it rides really smooth and all that’s left is to find the ideal tyre pressure .

4 thoughts on “Hercules Aston Tourist update

  1. Oh the woes of vintage bike ownership. At least neither the seat post nor the stem were stuck fast. 🙂 We had a similar situation a the co-op a while back with the broken portion frozen to the steering tube. Got the wedge out, but couldn’t budge the broken part of the stem. Just used a stem with a short shaft and all was well. Fortunately it wasn’t anything special. Glad yours was OK.



      • There’s a “solution” to freeing a stuck aluminum post in a steel frame. Kind of nasty, but it works well. Start by stripping the frame of all removeable parts and then fill the seat tube from the bottom bracket end with a strong solution of sodium hydroxide. This is commonly used as drain cleaner. You may have to repeat several times, but eventually the NaOH will dissolve enough of the aluminum so that the post can be twisted free and pulled out.
        By-the-way, the seizing of aluminum to steel is called a galvanic bond and is caused by the difference in the metals and a bit of moisture.



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