The tale of 2 bikes

In the last few weeks I have picked up 2 bikes that were both about 3  – 4 years old and neither one had covered more than 200 miles each


So my question is why do people go out and buy a £500 + new bike and then use it for less than 200 miles before putting them in to storage and not using them again ?


One of these bike was bought to do the London to Brighton ride on so it covered about 54 miles and then got stored for 2 years before the owner decided to part with it for an awful lot less than he originally paid for it .



Whilst the other one had a cycle computer that showed less than 150 miles on it in total and according to the original owner he used it a lot in the first year then a lot less in the 2nd year before getting a puncture from where onwards it sat unused till he sold it at a loss as he needed the space it was taking up all whilst he was paying £35 per month to use the local gym and do a weekly spin class !!



18 thoughts on “The tale of 2 bikes

  1. …and what is wrong with Lycra ? 😉 Just had to ask ! Although I’m not a “modern” guy, that Giant is intriguing. I kind of remember a similar frame set being donated to the co-op.



  2. Jeez, I thought you gents were in better shape. 😦 By-the-way, the secret is to wear your jersey loose and long.



  3. Hey, why didn’t someone mention “love handles”? The ladies love ’em especially on a tandem! 🙂 Sorry to mess up your blog.



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