You Caad 8

Well i picked this lime green Cannondale up yesterday morning from a local seller who admitted he hadn’t really done more than 500 miles since buying it new in 2016 .



Upon riding it home I noticed that the saddle needed to up a bit for me but decided against doing that till I had fitted one of my Selle Smp lite 209’s .


Once home and with the Selle smp fitted I set about getting it ready for this morning’s ride .


After not a poor nights sleep I was up and out by 5.05 am with a route in mind that could be shortened at any point . First stop was along Pitsford Promenade where I raised the seat post another half an inch .


Pitsford Promenade

I headed out through Brixworth ,Cottesbrooke ,Haselbeach , Arthingworth , Desborough ,Wilbarston where I made another seat post adjustment along with a gentle rotation of the flat bars . I pressed on to Pipewell , Rushton ,Kettering ,Pytchley and Little Harrowden before turning down the mad mile and home .



Bike went well over the 47 miles just need to decide now whether to keep the flat bars or swap them over to the original drops.

4 thoughts on “You Caad 8

  1. Hello,

    Cannondales, they come and they go. I sell mine and a couple of weeks later, you get one that’s 30 years newer and much, much nicer. Yours looks a lot nicer than mine. Sounds like it rides nice. A lot of people complained about the rough ride of the 90s models when they switched to aluminum forks. Have to assume they’ve corrected that. Drop or straight is probably a matter of preference/choice. Several of folks that I talk to prefer some type riser bar and complain about back issues. Even at my advanced age :), I can switch back and forth easily. I have 3 bikes plus a tandem that have straight or slight riser bars and five road bikes with drops. My only problem with drop bars is when they are matched with DT shifters. I’ve found that my coordination is a bit off for this combo. However, if you have to be “style correct”, it will have to be drops with brifters.


    • It’s a nice looking bike with flat’s on and would look better with the original drips reinstated .

      Furthest I have ridden a dale for it felt good and the carbon fork soaked up what they needed to.

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