Which way is best ?

me roads are so much better ridden in one direction than they are the other way .

The road that links the A509 at Wollaston and the B573 at Great Doddington is one of those roads .



It’s known locally as Hardwater road and I prefer to ride it from Great Doddington rather than Woolaston and it’s not just because of the hill at the end .




At the moment you can only drive or walk across one section as there was an incident where a truck destroyed the safety barriers going over the river nene .



Sigma by Roberts


I rode along this road this morning on my Ian May and thoroughly enjoyed the ride even all the way to the top of the hill .


4 thoughts on “Which way is best ?

  1. Makes no difference which route take its just being out that matters but if it’s the red Ian May then that’s the icing on the cake

  2. As Keith T said, it’s the ride that counts! But, I do plan my routes to avoid making turns across traffic, i.e. left turns here or right turns there. I, also like to avoid congested areas, bad roads and construction/work zones. We are blessed with bike lanes on most of our major streets, but some of the speed limits are higher than I’m comfortable with. Like, >40mph.



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