Which way is best ?

me roads are so much better ridden in one direction than they are the other way .

The road that links the A509 at Wollaston and the B573 at Great Doddington is one of those roads .



It’s known locally as Hardwater road and I prefer to ride it from Great Doddington rather than Woolaston and it’s not just because of the hill at the end .




At the moment you can only drive or walk across one section as there was an incident where a truck destroyed the safety barriers going over the river nene .



Sigma by Roberts


I rode along this road this morning on my Ian May and thoroughly enjoyed the ride even all the way to the top of the hill .

1950’s Dayton

Picked this bike and training device up a couple of months ago , I thought anything that has a Charter Lea crank can’t be all that bad


 Well when I first saw it in the flesh I was a bit disappointed as I hadn’t noticed the awful Hammerited paintfinish that exdended to the wheel spokes as well !!




 I made it rideable and did a 3 mile test ride on it and it rode quite nicely in all fairness , so I took the decision to get the frame stripped and re finished once I could find a local company that could do it for me .



Well I picked it up yesterday from the bead blasters who look to have done a great job of removing all the various coats of paint that this Dayton Roadmaster has had applied over its Amalgam tubes .





Next journey is to drop it off at local coating firm and see what colour they are offering to do it in for me .


A hard days Knight

one i picked up late in 2017 along with a couple of other bikes , this one looked a bit different   from norm so i decided to keep it .


Six months later it has evolved into one of the smoothest riding bikes i have at the moment .


Its a fillet brazed frame made with Reynolds 531 tubing and draws admiring glances where ever i park it .


Knights of Wolverhampton


It came to me with 27″ x 1″ wheels and perished tyres so these have been replaced with a set of 700c wheels and tyres .

The big black un

Another one of my latest arrivals is the big black R.E.W. Reynolds at 24 1/2″ frame size i can just about straddle the top tube and ride it


R.e.w Reynolds at At Andrew’s In

I decided to use this all original machine for a 38 mile round journey to the market town of Kimbolton a couple of weeks ago .


R.E.W. Reynolds entering Kimbolton

This bike was offered to me about 12 months ago but for whatever reason it only came in to my possession about 6 weeks ago . It’s had one previous owner who must have really looked after this bike seeing the condition it is in all these years later .


The only changes from the original specification are the following items , new tyres , tubes , bar tape , gear cables , saddle and the fitment of a Cinelli bottle cage .

2018 update


1955 Rotrax outside Hannington Hall

It’s been a while since I have posted anything for various reasons .

But the good news I am still buying, selling , tinkering and riding retro bikes .

So i thought i would share some pictures of one of my latest bikes , it’s a 1955 Rotrax bike that was previously owned by a lady rider from the Southampton / Portsmouth area and used this bike for time trialing etc etc . I was told that at some point it was refinished by Rotrax and then rebuilt but sadly it hadn’t been used since this refinish .

I have always wanted a Rotrax for ages mainly due to the stories that my mother always tells about her pink Rotrax that she use to ride on all those years ago .

Its got some slight later bits on but the calipers and hubs are all from the correct period other parts are more later additions .