A tale of 2 Viscounts Aerospace 600 ex’s

Earlier this week I placed a picture of my Viscount Aerospace 600ex on a Facebook thread where another owner had posted a picture of his 600ex .



Adrian McCarthy’s 600ex


The eagle eyed other owner was soon messaging me with a list of questions to answer , starting off with asking me ” What size is the biggest rear sprocket?” , then came “Yours has mudguard eyes and does it have any cut outs in the bottom bracket shell ?”



Viscount 600ex

As I was counting the teeth on the sprocket I had a closer look at the wheels as I presumed it had 700c wheels as per the brochure I found on line but they are actually 27” rimmed wheels and looking at the brake calipers there is not enough drop for them to reach 700c sized wheels like the other owner has . When I turned the bike over there were no cut outs in the bottom bracket shell to be seen .



Viscount 600ex


I also noticed that mine has half chromed front forks whilst his don’t , so there are quite a few variations between 2 ” identical” bikes . It would be interesting to see what his frame number is to see which one was built first. My frame number looks to be 6024 or 9, now what that actually means who knows as the top tube decal proudly tells anybody looking it was bike of the year in 1981 so I would expect somewhere between 1982 and 1984 as a build date but who knows .



Viscount 600ex


I suppose a harder look for some production dates on some of the components fitted to the bike might give more of a clue to the production year area .


It’s strange that so many variations can exist between two versions of the same bike , I am not that bothered about the differences as I  much prefer the way 27” wheeled bikes ride over the narrower 700c wheels which can lead to a bit of a harsh ride at times . Mudguard mounts are always handy as they give you the option of fitting guards or carriers without having to use “P” clips  . I like chrome, so the addition of chromed forks be they half or fully chromed is a real bonus to me .



Viscount 600ex


Of course both bikes are at least 30 years old so they might well have had loads of modifications made over the years as it has passed through the chain of previous owners . I was told by the seller of mine that he was the 2nd owner and all he had replaced were consumables and no major components during his 7 – 8 years of ownership .


7 thoughts on “A tale of 2 Viscounts Aerospace 600 ex’s

  1. Hello,
    Since the bike has the original components, you could also check them for date codes. These are often found on the back of the crank arms or brake calipers. I’ll also post your info on a US based vintage site.



  2. Hello,
    According to the feedback I received, your Aerospace 600EX is a Trusty Mfg. produced Viscount. Most likely 82 or 83 since the 84 model used a different headset locknut for the 600 group. This model was introduced in 1981 with a lugged frame. Previous Viscounts had fillet brazed frames. Apparently Trusty was winding down much of their bicycle production in 1984 and few Viscounts were produced. Sorry, no info on the serial numbers. Here’s some links about Lambert/Viscount: http://viscount-lambert-bikes.blogspot.com/ & http://viscountandlambert.boards.net/. Hopefully this info will be helpful.



    • Thanks Van for those links and facts , its quite strange they are nice bikes but a lot of people dislike them due to the death frk claims re the early models .

      I did just under 40 miles on it Saturday and it reminded me why i like old steel bikes .

      Do you see many in the states ?

  3. Hi,

    Oh yes. Steel bikes, especially those with lugged frames, are extremely popular to the point that enthusiasts are paying a premium for the classics and the new trend in retro built frames. You wouldn’t believe the prices that the early lugged steel TREKs go for. Even the TIG welded ones get good prices. Also, most actual “Made in Italy” bikes, Mid to high end French ones as well as high end Raleighs and the “small shop” or specialty English bikes are in demand. It’s not unusual for someone to pay $300 to $500 for a trashed classic and the put another grand into restoring it. Check the US E-bay sold bikes for some indication of the craziness.



  4. Hi
    I just come across your blog on aerospace 600ex, i bought one in August 1980 frame no 155254 colour white gold. The forks were 3/4 chromed, with 27×1 mavic module rims and michelin elan tyres. The frame was lugged, and had eyelets for mudguards. In late 1981 Viscount revised the 600ex, changed colour to linden (lime green). Also
    wheel size to 700c, and and a shorter wheelbase, hence no fittings for mudguards. Maybe Viscount were using up remaining stock frames, before new model was released. Trusty viscount went into liquidation in early 1983, but emerged has Viscount operational limited in 1984

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