The Perils of commuting in the rain

I have used my local council’s on line street doctor quite a few times over the years reporting  various things from burnt out cars restricting the cycleway to a flooded underpass . It’s a system that seems to work to a degree .


The latest reason for contacting them was the flooded underpass, as yet again the water had overflowed from the nearby stream due to a restricted grid where it disappears underground for a short distance. As the water overflows it heads across the grass and down the pathway into the under pass where it collects, it has no where to go as the access each side is ramped , I do believe there is a strip of drainage channels on the one side but these are only there to allow a small amount of water to drain away .



The water seems to get up to 4 – 5 ft deep in the underpass area before it’s high enough on the one side for it to start overflowing back into the stream. In the meantime the underpass is rendered no go to all users apart from any that might fancy swimming through it !!! Luckily it’s not much of a detour to get from one side to the other if it is restricted .



The reply I had back this time stated no actions required which I found strange so I made the decision to contact them via phone to hear why. After speaking to 3 or 4 automated messages I got through to a fellow human being who seemed to be reading a report filed by one of her colleagues saying that when the underpass was inspected a few days later no fault was found. So I asked did she know if he had looked at the stream at all , to which I was told no . I asked her to reopen the case and for the stream to be inspected .


But looking at my e mails last Friday I had another case closed no action required e mail . So seeing as its been raining for a few hours this morning I decided to take a few before and after pictures and this is what this blog is based on.

I noticed this afternoon that the grills look to have been cleared of debris , so it will interesting to see if the flooding continues next time we get some rain.


2 thoughts on “The Perils of commuting in the rain

  1. Does this mean that bureaucratic incompetence is universal? 😉 Actually, my dealings with our city building and permitting department went quite smoothly.

    • Yeah i guess it does , the thing that worried me was what if a toddler went in for a paddle as the the 2 ramps are steep and they would soon be in trouble

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