Tomorrow’s Rides

Earlier this week I blogged about either turning left or right.


Well seeing as it’s Friday and no rain is forecast for the next couple of days I am looking forward to getting out and doing some miles on one of my bikes. ||The exact bike has not been chosen yet but the main contenders are either my Principia RS6 or the BMC slr03 that has yet to be ridden any more than 13 miles by myself .


Principia RS6


The BMC is favorite but I will wait until the morning to make sure the roads are fairly dry before deciding as I just don’t need another bike that requires cleaning at the moment as it seems that I have too many bikes that are dirty already . The 50’s Roadster that has been my commuting machine for the last few weeks is filthy and don’t even mention the chain on it as that is disgustingly dirty and is desperate for some tlc any day now.


Raleigh Roadster


The Principia was given a quick clean last weekend after two consecutive 30 mile rides in damp dirty conditions that really showed up on its burnt orange paintwork . I was rather hoping the Dolan would be ready for some testing miles this weekend but it’s a bit behind schedule as the riser only turned up yesterday. So far all I have done is a dry fit to make sure that one of my intended stems gives me the reach I wanted, now that the riser has given me the height I needed over the original stearer stem that looks to have been slammed at some point in its previous life , leaving me with a rather lower than normal handlebar position .



Waiting in the wings are my current retro rides , a Puch Mirage se and the Lomas of Oxford road bike . Both of these are sitting ready to ride apart from lacking pedals .


Puch Mistral se

So once a bike has been chosen what will be my chosen route? At the moment I am thinking about going out of town via Wilby before heading off towards Mears Ashby , Earls Barton , Yardley Hastings , Olney and then return home via Lavendon , Harrold ,Sharnbrook ,Knotting , Yelden , Wymington ,Irchester and back home making a total just short of 50 miles or I can carry on from Harrold to Poddington then Rushden and back via Irchester which is a lower total of 38 miles .


Olney Town Sign


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