The times are a changing

The average age of my fleet is changing a lot lately. What with a 2014 Bmc Racemachine , 2014 Genesis Cdf , turn of the Century Principia RS6 and a Terry Dolan kinesis framed road bike from around the same era ,  you can see all of these are at least 15 – 20 years newer than my normal arrivals .



Principia RS6


So far the most miles have been done on the Genesis cdf which has been in my fleet the longest of all the above bikes , next up is the Principia then the Bmc and finally this week’s arrival the Dolan which has so far only been used for a total of 3.5 commuting miles . It would have been used for a few more but the reach is just too long in its present set up plus the front brake was making a severe graunching noise .



Terry Dolan Kinesis Frame


The Bmc is waiting for dry roads before it gets any more miles on it , so that could be a few weeks before it sees daylight at this rate . The Principia had its first double figure ride last Sunday covering a total of 29 miles just short of my targeted 30 mile ride , and should hopefully get at least one more double figure ride this weekend . In its current set up I found it very comfortable indeed and since then I have fitted one of my Selle smp lite 209 saddles that I try and use most of the time .



The Dolan is awaiting a stem extender as the way the forks have been cut leave the bars too low for me. Once that arrives I will have a play and find a shorter stem then swap the bars and sti units over and then I can cover a few more miles on it before deciding on its future . From the miles I have ridden it so far I can say for sure it felt nice and smooth and not as harsh as some people say about alloy framed road bikes . It’s always hard to get a true feel of a bike on such a short ride especially more so when the setup is far from ideal for the rider in question .



Terry Dolan


It certainly is a pretty looking bike for sure and deserves to be ridden and admired by others . I am a bit of a sucker for a red bike with chrome forks just have a look at my Ian May , not sure what it is but there is something about red paint and chrome for me .


Ian May


3 thoughts on “The times are a changing

  1. Obviously, you are going through “the change” and it’s a good thing. 😉 I have a few years (about a generation), but still appreciate the differences between the old or historical and the modern whether it be cars, bikes, movies, music or technology. Sometimes I just want to ride a fast, efficient bike without having to think about the nuances of shifting or how effective the brakes are. Other times I prefer to focus on the mechanics of the ride. I spent the majority of my working life in the industry that produces integrated circuits or computer chips, which, drives my interest in technology. So, enjoy your discoveries and experiences.



      • Amen to that. There is nothing more esthetically appealing than a skinny tubed bike frame especially nice lugs and an interesting paint scheme. I forgot to mention earlier that you’ve had the opportunity to experience some fine machinery as well as providing this to others.



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