My Hankering

I have a hankering for a nice original 50’s or 60’s bike , I don’t really care if it’s a road bike built by one of the many small frame builders of the times or if it’s a mass produced make


1950’s Raleigh Roadster

.The most important thing I would want is originality i.e. original paint and decals , if it had the ability to run 27” wheels then even better as I have a good stock of 27” alloy rims and a couple of pairs of built wheels all ready to go . I am sure somebody will shout did you not just sell a 1950’s Pollard road bike ? The answer to that is, yes I did .



The Pollard in question was ideal as it was far from immaculate but still had a lot of its originality intact , but it was just too nice and interesting to sit around waiting to be used by me so I sold it to a gentleman who is in regular contact with Eddie Pollard as I knew he would enjoy owning such a bike . A couple of days ago I noticed a very nice looking Dawes Diploma for sale but due to life commitments I could not see how I was going to get the time to go and collect it in the not too distant future , so I let a good friend know about it and without surprise he promptly bought it .


Dawes Diploma

This just goes to show these kind of bikes are available without breaking the bank I just need to find one a bit more local to me. I am aware of a very original Raleigh Trent that has not moved in the last 10 years but the owner will just not sell it as it was the bike he used for his paper round  and was bought new for him by his late parents. He also told me about all the cycling adventures he did on it over the years when he rode it . The last time I saw it a couple of months ago it was looking a little forlorn with tyres that were flat and rotted away , rust starting to show on the steel rims and the cobwebs were doing a good job of holding the saddle bag together as well as disguising the burgundy red paint that would love to have a gentle clean and polish to revive it back to an almost shiny finish .



When I get chance on Saturday I am going to go and see its current owner and see if he has changed his mind about selling said beast , I am sure his answer will be no but I might as well ask him again .


6 thoughts on “My Hankering

  1. Hello,

    Were you successful in your negotiations? Sad to see a useable bike just sitting there deteriorating.



  2. So, you couldn’t convince him that you’d be a great adoptive parent :-). Just curious, how old is the owner? Oh well, life goes on.


    • I have asked several times over the years whilst i watch the cobwebs get bigger and multiply in qty . He is also the owner of my local bike shop who do some work for me and i would say he is in his late 70’s at least .

      I have even suggested to him and his son about why dont they spruce it up and put it in the shop window , but no reaction .

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