Prince amongst thieves

I had my first short ride Monday morning on my recently acquired Principia RS6 and if this week’s commuting is anything to go by this is a nice bike to ride indeed .When I picked it up the previous owner said It was covered in dust due to lack of use whereas now after using it all week it is filthy dirty due to wet and dirty cycle paths and roads .



Principia rs6


It’s a fantastic looking bike I feel in a rather fetching shade of burnt orange with a nice set of black Principia Carbon forks thrown in for good measure. These are nicely profiled in shape, not like some other carbon forks that I think look big and bulky on some bikes . They are almost aerodynamic with a nice thin leading edge that tapers out to be only just a bit wider at the rear . The frame is custom made with 7020 grade alloy tubing of various shapes and sizes , which gives a nice stiff feel to the frame when standing on the pedals .



Principia rs6


It’s got a mixture of Shimano components on it but mainly dura ace which includes brake calipers , flight deck sti units and rear mech whilst the front mech is an ultrega one and the crankset is a mix of Stronglight Speedlight with 53 & 39 zircal rings with a shimano branded non drive side This mix all works fine and provides a very satisfying ride when coupled to such a great frameset .



Principia rs6


The last piece of the jigsaw are the road wheels which play quite an important part of a good bike , the wheels on this bike are made up with some FRM hubs laced to a nice black set of Ritchey Aero rims that are currently wearing a rather tired set of Continental tyres . At first glance I didn’t notice but the rear rim is are slightly offsetwhilst the front is a standard profile .



Principia rs6


The only work I have done so far is to inflate the tyres and swap the supplied 90mm riser stem for a 100mm item to increase the reach as I felt it was just a bit too short to start with . I would like to find a 110 mm stem but then it will need the front brake cable replacing at least as it’s on its limit at the moment . Although the frame measures 48cm from the centre of the crank to top of the seat tube this is a 51cm size frame according to the Principia size chart I can find online . Looking at the chart the next size up would be more ideal for me but in all fairness, with the seat post lifted and stem swapped it does not feel too far away .



Principia rs6


A lot of people will not have heard of this Dutch made bike or will think it’s an Italian brand but either way the next time you get a chance to ride one please do , I don’t think you will be disappointed .

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