55 and not out

Well some of you might know it was my 55th Birthday yesterday.


Sirius 653

It’s been a good life so far I feel , ok a few ups and downs but in general I don’t feel I can complain too much in all fairness , maybe some would but I am not . Our mortgage is paid off , I am in my 12th year at my current employers holding a good enough job down and best of all its 1.5 miles away from home which means I can commute easily by bike on a daily basis and still come home for my lunch. Even if I go the scenic way home I still clock up less than 10 miles in a day for a total of 4 journeys .


Sirius 653

These short gentle commutes are ideal for testing out my recent acquisitions or builds before they hit the road on a longer journey. It’s surprising using the local cycle paths how many times you have to slow down and change gear to avoid all sorts of obstacles like dogs , school children and metal control gates en route .


Sirius 653

During the last week I have been using a Sirius Touring bike for these duties and it has behaved well so far. It’s a 23” frame with more braze ons than you will ever need . At some point in its life I would guess the wider touring wheels have been swapped for a pair of narrower road wheels for whatever reason .

The gearing is a 3 x 7 set up so it should be able to propel any strong legged person up most inclines he ever comes across whilst out touring no matter how heavy a load is on the bike . The Shimano RSX brakes seem to provide adequate stopping power so I would presume those are more than capable of stopping this bike whilst laden . The gears and brakes are controlled by a set of early Shimano sti units that if I remember rightly are of the flight deck variety and again they operate nice and freely .


Sirius 653

I often wish bikes could talk to their owners so they could tell you about some of the journeys they have made in their existence under previous owners; the gent I got this from was totally unaware of what it had done prior to him buying it a while back . All in all this would make an ideal touring bike again although I do feel it would pay to swap for some wider rimmed wheels and the fitment of some guards would never go a miss in my mind .

4 thoughts on “55 and not out

  1. Congrats! Keeping living the good life. Just curious, did your bike business assist with the mortgage? 😉



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