Experience’s Seen

Over the years what other people do to their bikes has never ceased to amaze me .





One of my more recent purchases has been converted from a geared set up to a single speed one. Once the rear quick release was unreleased it became apparent that the rear wheel hadn’t been spaced to suit rear wheel drop outs , so a quick undo of the cone locking nuts and the insertion of some washers and hey presto the wheel now sits nicely into the rear drop outs rather than wobbling about in there .



Bromwich Mixte


Other things have been the insertion of coke can shims on seat posts when the correct sized ones are available off the shelf at your local bike shop. I have even seen electrical cable joining blocks holding two halves of a brake cable together which is a crazy thing to do when new cables are so cheap and readily available .


Claud Butler Sierra



We won’t touch on the subject of tyres and the condition some of them have been in either, again you can pick up new decent quality tyres at what I think are reasonable prices . I know all the above add up pound note wise but I feel a few quid spent making a bike safer on the road and more presentable is definitely worthwhile . I don’t mind if it’s a bike that I know has been sat unused for a while , but when its one that is in use at the time of my enquiry then it’s a different thing in my eye .


Continental TourRIDE



Unless I state otherwise all the bikes I sell are ridden by me for at least 100 miles to make sure that I am happy . I can put my hand on my heart and say there should be no issues with the bike for its new owner .

1 thought on “Experience’s Seen

  1. Sad, but true. I was once given a bike that had a hole drilled through the down tube to hold the shifters in place and black electrical tape used as a shim for an undersized seat post. 😦 !

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