2016 So far


It’s no wonder my garage is full when I look at the list below of what I have bought during 2016 , the only good thing is that 65% have also been sold during 2016 along with a few others I purchased in 2015 .


The ones that I have not sold are either in use or in the  “awaiting work” corner of the garage . As can be seen in the list below it’s been a diverse year for sure, quite a few out and out touring style bikes and a few non road bikes just for a bit of variety and a fair few more modern than normal machines as well .


Giant Terrago

A few of them have been a pleasure to own and ride, others have been just a means to an end so to speak , whilst some have been a real disappointment . The biggest disappointment must have been the Planet X pro carbon. It had all the reasons to be a long term keeper for sure but it ended up spending less than 2 weeks in the garage before being sold on due to the amount of noise it emitted as I rode along on anything less than billiard table smooth tarmac and as we all know there are not that many smooth roads in the United Kingdom .


Wester Ross

The highlights for 2016 are harder to decide, it was certainly a pleasurable thing to have owned and ridden one of the 477 Wester Ross’ ever made. Other notable bikes have to include the 1950’s Pollard which was a real delight to own for a few months before selling it on to a friend of the Pollard family who now has the largest collection of Pollards . The Simoncini that arrived in June is another high point in the year , having been looking for one for a few years it was nice to finally get one just a shame it was a bit on the larger side of rideable but for the moment it’s in the keeping section and I keep thinking about updating the gearing system to include sti’s .



The bike that I think I have done the most miles on in 2016 is either my long term keeper red Ian May or the Ian May that turned up in June both of which have covered close to 500+ miles each . Whereas the Carrera Virtuoso that turned up in November only did 1 lap of the cul de sac i.e. less than a mile before being sold  .


So with less than 15 days to go before the end of 2016 I doubt there will be any or many more arrivals but you never know ……


January =  Peugeot savoie, Genesis flyer and Peugeot Professional


Peugeot Professional

Febuary = Wester Ross and  Raleigh royal


March = 1950’s Raleigh Roadster


Raleigh Roadster

April  = Pollard & Webster by Lee cooper frameset



May = No New Arrivals


June = Simoncini & Ian May


Ian May 4th

July = Mans & Ladies Bromwich & Sigma


Bromwich Mixte

August = R.E.W Reynolds & Giant terrago mtb


September = Pennine , Lee cooper frame & Lomas


G.E.R Lomas


Pennine Italia


October = Specialized allez , Planet x pro carbon & Puch Mirage


Planet x Pro Carbon

November =  Claud Butler Odeyssey , Trek 1.1, Carrera Virtuoso ,Genesis cdf & Trek 400


Genesis cdf

December =  Neutron frameset & GT Outpost Trail mtb

28 bikes in and 18 of them sold

2 thoughts on “2016 So far

  1. Looks like it’s been a good year. Too bad about the Trek. Was it a packaging or handling issue? Or, God forbid, an unscrupulous seller. So far I’ve been lucky with these types of purchases. Major stuff has either been viewed, come from a US based forum or trustworthy people like you. 🙂

    By-the-way is your inventory plus or minus? I wish I had the where-with-all to do a bike related business. Maybe some co-op volunteering after our winter trip to see the family.



  2. Inventory is plus . Its more of a hobby than a business .

    The Trek was a mixture of both but mainly i believe down to sellers lack of thought when packing , volunteering sounds a good idea . Shame we cant sort out a cheaper way of sending bikes across the pond.

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