My 2016 Winter Bikes

My two winter bikes are so different to each other……


The Lomas is a nice bike to ride that seems to eat the miles without you realising how many you have actually covered. The set up I have is ideal for me , the newly rebuilt 27” x 1 1/14 wheels with Schwalbe tyres fitted give it a smooth feel on the road and the tyres throw up loads of water to make the going as sure footed as possible when the going gets wet .



G.E.R Lomas

The old centre pull calipers that are fitted with Kool stop pads work as well as expected when you give the levers enough pressure to activate them via the new cable I fitted during its re commissioning .



G.E.R Lomas

The gearing has so far been up to all the tasks I have asked of it, with a 52/42 chain set and a six speed rear cog set that ranges from 28 down to 13 from memory provide enough pace to roll along without spinning myself into oblivion and also give me enough climbing power to pedal my way to the top of any hill I have found so far on its travels around the corner of Northamptonshire I live and ride in .


G.E.R Lomas


Its bright orange paintwork makes it stand out from the more mundane darker matt colours that most new bikes seem to be offered with these days.



Genesis cdf

The second of my winter bikes is the mid 1980’s Puch Mirage which feels a much more nimble machine to ride with its Reynolds 501 tubing and a set of front forks that are made with Puch’s own grade chro mo . This makes for a nice lively set up which is also stiff when stamping on the pedals .



Puch Mistral se


This bike was originally supplied with sprint and tubs from new so to keep its light weight image I opted for a set of 700c Campagnolo Berlin 36 rimmed training wheels fitted with 700 x 23 Vittorio Rubino tyres . This is a nice set of wheels and tyres that ride lovely but when you are on smooth tarmac you can just about feel a slight vibration but seeing as smooth tarmac is a rarity it’s not an issue to me .



Puch Mistral se


With the use of some P clips I have even fitted a nice set of white Blumel Classique guards to this white bike and even if I say so myself it all adds up to a nice pretty looking bike with the original matching decals . These guards make the bike much more useable in the Great British weather and they also save the back of your clothing being splattered with all sorts of thrown up road spray .



Puch Mistral se

The “Golden Arrow “ group set is still complete apart from the crankset which has been replaced by a Campagnolo unit as I have still not been able to separate the crank from the bottom bracket spindle . The calipers have been fitted with some rather noisy in action Clarke pads that actually do provide some all-round stopping power . The gear changes are nice and crisp in action now that the original cables have been replaced with some new ones along with new chain and 7 speed rear cassette .



Puch Mistral se


I am looking forward to covering plenty of winter miles on both of these bikes over the next few months unless of course somebody comes along with an offer I can’t refuse ………..

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