A French wind blows in

Today was the first time I have used the recently acquired Puch Mistral se for any more than a quick ride around the block .


Puch Mistral se


It’s been a long time getting ready for use for various reasons the main one being the ongoing struggle to remove the crankset off the bottom bracket on the drive side. It refused to budge using an extractor and ended up stripping the threads on the crankset in the process , after trying a small bearing puller it was still stuck fast . I ended up removing the bottom bracket and taking that side out whilst still attached to the shaft .


Puch Mistral se


Even now after having copious amounts of release spray left to soak it has not been parted from the shaft . It was annoying that I couldn’t re use the original Shimano Golden Arrow crankset as the rest of the groupset is complete even down to the hubs . This was all original equipment according to what I can find on the internet . The original fitment Weinmann 906 tubular wheelset  has also not been re used and has been replaced by a later set of Shimano Exage hubs that are laced to a set of Campagnola Berlin rims .


Puch Mistral se


The original decals are all intact along with the pearlescent white paintwork which is in very nice clean condition and has had a very light polish to try and bring the paintwork back to life . The tubing is Reynolds 501 main tubes with Puch’s own 2500 material forks so all in all a fairly quality frameset right down to the slotted design on the underside of the bottom bracket shell .


Puch Mistral se

The bike came to me with original white bar tape and moth eaten brown brake lever hoods still in place , unfortunately the hoods fell apart the moment I touched them whilst renewing the brake cables . The genuine gear cables had a nice layer of service rust so these were replaced with some nice stainless ones, the original Shimano brake pads were also replaced at the same time . The original chain has  suffered with years of no use and is awaiting replacement .


Puch Mistral se

The initial test ride around the local roads went well and felt quite responsive with a nice stiff feeling frame . I am looking forward to watching the test miles go by on this classic machine . It might be kept as my winter road bike if I can graft a set of full guards on with some P clips as no eye fittings are included on the frame .

4 thoughts on “A French wind blows in

  1. Nifty and some what unusual bike. If it follows typical French design rules, it should be a nice smooth rider. Too bad about the crank. Adding a bit of water to the mating of aluminum and steel over time results in a strong bond. Stems, seat posts. cranks, etc. you may be able to find a new DS crank on one of the forums.

    Cheers & good luck,


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