Am i undergoing the change ?

Over the last few months I have noticed that I seem to be looking more at newer style bikes than at the normal 70’s – 90’s Retro bikes . I am not quite sure why this is the case really .


Specialized Allez


I still have a garage partially full of older steel bikes like the red Ian May , orange Lomas , red and white Simoncini ,1950’s Raleigh Roadster , red Pollard single speed ,Lee Cooper Single speed , Puch Mistral se ,Marin Bear Valley mtb and the Pennine Italia that sits waiting in the corner for work to be started on it .




Ian May

So as you can see from above there is enough steel goodness to be getting on with especially as you can only ride one bike at a time . Most of my November miles have been done on newer machines like the Trek 1.1 Alpha and Planet X Pro Carbon bike. The Pro Carbon was a great bike but I couldn’t manage the rattling noise it made on the slightest uneven road surface, it was almost embarrassing to be honest so as you can guess this was quickly moved on to a new owner to make way for the Trek which I am actually really enjoying riding now . I find the ride quality and its general poise on the road very good .


Trek 1.1 Alpha


I am looking forward to getting the Puch Mistral back on the road as that looks like an ideal machine to me with Reynolds 501 tubing coupled to Puch’s own hi tensile front forks. A nice set of lightweight Campagnolo wheels have replaced the original sprint wheels along with a Campagnolo Mirage crankset that has replaced the original Shimano Golden Arrow crankset as the drive side crank is well and truly stuck on the original bottom bracket spindle and has so far resisted all attempts of separation from said shaft .


Puch Mistral se


The Lomas bike is awaiting a set of retro wheels to be built up from a set of Wienmann rims and a pair of large flanged hubs that will replace the newer set of 27” wheels currently fitted to it , once these wheels are built and fitted I will crack on with getting some more miles on this bike before making a final decision as to whether this is a keeper or one to be sold onwards .


G.E.R Lomas

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