Bargains to be had

I have noticed over the last few weeks  that a number of lightly used road bikes are being offered for sale that have covered little or no mileage at all since the original owner handed over his wad of cash .


Somebody said that for the last few years Cycling has taken over from Golf as a way to further your career if you are that way inclined . It also seems that some people buy a bike to enable them to do a charity bike ride and once that is done it never gets used again until they sell it at a fraction of the original cost .




I blame some of this down to the various Cycle to Work schemes where you purchase a bike through your employee and it’s paid from your wages before tax is applied as far as I am aware . It’s something I have never really looked at doing myself so the above statement might not be completely correct .


Over the last 2 or 3 years I have picked up 4 or 5 newer style bikes that have been purchased and ridden perhaps less than a dozen times before being resigned to a life stationary in the shed / garage or attached to an unused turbo trainer .



Specialized Allez


The Specialized Allez I had a few weeks ago was 7 years old and had covered less than 100 miles either on the road or the turbo trainer it was mounted to when I bought it  . Its original owner had been advised to do some cycling to help a knee injury and by the sound of it the only thing it helped him do was to lose a fair chunk of its original sale price when he sold it 7 years later .




A similar purchase was a Carrera Virtuso frame set I bought about 4 years ago that somebody had bought and ridden once into town. He  padlocked it up as you would and when he returned all that was left was the frame and its ancillaries but no wheels !!! So rather than buy a set of wheels the seller just sold the rest  cheaply in one lump . So all I needed to do was slot in a pr of wheels and set up the gears and brakes and then ride it off in to the sunset .



Marin Argenta Comp

Another bike I bought was a Marin Argenta that a boyfriend had bought his then girlfriend without checking what size she wanted , she soon realized that the 56cm sized frame was not really ideal for a 5ft 2” lady ! Fair do’s she did try rotating the bars right round to see if that helped but alas it didn’t . When I picked this up she even threw in a complete starters kit ie Track Pump , lights , Helmet and spare innertubes all for the same price .


This week I picked up a Trek 1.1 Alpha that its previous owner had bought 18 months previously on his employees cycle to work scheme. He purchased it to do a sponsored 700 mile week long bike ride and then went out a couple of times with his local bike shop riding group , but soon gave that up and joined a gym instead . Again this was picked up with a Helmet , pump , shoes and a Garmin 200 and all of which had hardly been used .



Trek 1.1 Alpha

So yes there are bargains to be had and these bikes make ideal starter bikes for beginners or fellow cyclists who enjoy riding bikes bought at a bargain price .

2 thoughts on “Bargains to be had

  1. Oh so true, but sad. These programs often fall into the category with “instant” weight loss and “get rich quick” schemes. The old adage, “No pain, No gain” still applies, but there a some of us who will benefit.



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