Weekend Ahead

Another weekend is approaching quickly , so hopefully I can get out on one of my bikes and finally crack my 2016 target of 4000 miles .



Last time I did my adding up for the year I needed to cover 400 more miles, when I checked earlier this week my total was up to 3929.9 so just over 70 miles short of my target . The target was set meaning I had to cover 333.33 miles per month or just over 13 miles per day. With my daily commute of 8.5 miles this would give a yearly total of 2210 miles so leaves me with 1800 miles to do at weekends where most of my miles are done .



So with the above in mind I am expecting to cover at least 50 miles on my early am Saturday and Sunday rides which hopefully combined with my daily commutes will break the 4k barrier . Now, this leads to a couple of questions like what bike to use and what should my target be for 2017 ?



The bike question is relatively easy as at the moment there are only 4 of my bikes all ready to ride and I feel the need to use my Marin Bear Valley MTB and take in a scenic road ride across to Pitsford Reservoir where I can do a couple of laps of the cycle path and head back home which should give me about 30 miles depending on which way route I take . Then Sunday I could use my 1950’s Raleigh Roadster and give it its longest ride to date by doing a gentle 30 mile ride around my local lanes .

Marin Bear Valley


The Raleigh has been with me for about 6 months and has been my main commuter bike during a lot of this time. It has only been out of Wellingborough twice in my ownership and has never been on a ride longer than 18 miles for one reason or another , but I feel this bike is capable of doing a longer distance now its rear hub has been swapped to a more reliable sturmey archer 3 speed aw hub assembly after its original 1950’s FM 4 speed hub died a couple of months ago .


Raleigh Roadster


Raleigh Roadster

The Marin on the other hand has been with me since 1992 so has seen quite a bit of usage although it did have a 10 year gap where I did no cycling at all and it languished in my parents’ shed . Its current role is as back up commuting bike so does not get a lot of use at the moment . A lap or 2 of Pitsford will be nice early in the day with a couple of bright lights attached to the bars to light the way along the track around the reservoir .


My 2017 target is another story I am not sure whether to see where I finish off this year and just add 10% or whether to just pluck a figure out of thin air and see what happens .

2 thoughts on “Weekend Ahead

  1. Congrats! I’m so envious.
    OK, the math teacher in me comes out. You’ve averaged 400 miles per month so far this year. So, unless the weather turns sour or you have health issues, you should finish at ~ 4600. Plus 5% would be a reasonable goal for 2017. 😉

    Just for grins, I think you should alternate the last 70 miles to your goal between your oldest bike and your newest one. For 2017, may I suggest that you ride them in chronological order with one exception, a foul weather stead for when it really gets bad?

    Sorry, my weird sense of humor strikes again.



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