A Giant Leap for me

Yesterday was the day I take a leap forward in technology.




“Why is that?” I hear you all ask, “Are you about to try some indexed gearing on one of your retro steel bikes or perhaps some dual action calipers to help with the slowing down process of those heavy old steel bikes you ride ?”


G.E.R Lomas


Well compared to the two reasons stated above it’s a huge leap forward especially for me .



I was gently perusing one of the Cycling forums I visit, late yesterday afternoon, when a certain For Sale thread caught my eye , the thread went as follows .


2014 Planet X Pro Carbon

Groupo-FULL 10 sp 105
Wheelset-Mavic Aksium
Tyres-Vittoria Rubino slick-Unused(new) 23mm
Size-M. Check PX site for sizing guide.
Saddle-Selle something or other.
Recently re-cabled and not used since
Almost 2 years old in December.
Lack of space is making this sale ever more urgent


Planet x pro carbon

Well after selling 3 bikes last week I thought I deserved a treat and this looked just up my street. I contacted the seller to see what else he could tell me about it . He confirmed he bought the bike new so he is the original owner and rider and has covered a lot less than a thousand miles in the time he has had it , all this seemed like music to my ears . He even volunteered to deliver by hand for no extra charge at a convenient time .


Planet x Pro Carbon


The only downside was the colour, it’s white and in all the years I have been buying and selling bikes I have avoided white bikes for one reason or another , in fact I can only remember one other white bike and that was a Carrera  .


Planet x Pro Carbon


So as you can see I am finally making the leap from riding a steel bike to having a full carbon bike in the garage which means I have completely bypassed the Aluminium machines . At this moment of time I have no idea if it will be a keeper or sold straight on, a lot depends on the ride quality etc. etc. , and how I adapt to all the modern gizmos it contains like Sti’s , Dual action calipers and 20 gears to choose from .


Planet x Pro Carbon


On most of the bikes I ride if I have more than 10 gears I feel lucky and a lot of the time I tend to ride them like I would drive an American v8 powered car i.e. stick it in a high gear and let the torque pull you along rather than keeping the revs up .It’s a style of cycling I enjoy and have got used to over the years so again it will be a change of riding style .


Once I have actually ridden it I will be able to make a few more comments .


12 thoughts on “A Giant Leap for me

  1. Only joking, but seriously it came as a surprise I’ll be interested in what you’re impressions are compared to a steelie

  2. Go for it! You’re mature enough to deal with the white. Hey, I’ve owned a Raleigh Competition in Lavender and currently have a violet Gary Fisher MTB. You’ll most likely be surprised by the quick handling and acceleration.



    • I like the wacky and wild colours its just the white i dont go for as you have to keep it clean . Funny you should mention Garry Fisher as i have been looking at a Pirahna frame with his name on

  3. By-the way, how often do you get to driver an American V-8? We gave up our last one, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, 6 years ago. 😦

    Cheers with tears


    • Only ever driven one and that was an early 80’s Cherokee , but thats just my image of how the majority of people drive them by letting the engine torque pull you along .

  4. You know me Martin, doesn’t matter what colour it is i HAVE to clean it again and again and again. I was also wondering about driving the V8

  5. I wished we lived closer, in addition to cleaning your bikes I’d have a greater incentive to get out and get my bikes dirty

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