2010 Specialized Allez Triple For Sale

For the last couple of days I have been using a 2010 year Specialized Allez Triple model road bike .


Specialized Allez


It’s a complete contrast to the last few bikes I have been using for whatever cycling activities I do .



G.E.R Lomas

One of the strange things is that its only a 52cm sized frame yet it doesn’t feel too compact or small for me , which is a surprise as I normally ride a frame in the 56 – 60cm sized area . Admittedly I have the saddle set at the same 39” from the floor measurement and the bars at approximately 36” from the floor .



Specialized Allez Triple

It is fitted with a Shimano 2300 gear set which works very nicely in my opinion , ok others might say it’s a bit clunky in operation compared to the latest versions of 105 and Ultrega but I am not complaining about it . The modern unbranded brake set pull the bike up swiftly although a bit noisy in operation.  I have put this down to the pads hardening up after sitting hardly unused for the last 6 years having covered less than 70 miles from new , so these are due for replacement once the new ones I have ordered arrive .


The Alex S500 rimmed wheels run nice and smooth on the unbranded hubs they are laced to and the Specialized Mondo sport 700 x 23c tyres seem to roll along the tarmac well without any undue noise . Not sure if I fancy riding on these on wet or damp roads as they are pure slick tread type .


Specialized Allez Triple


The one thing that always puts me off newer style bikes compared to the older ones I normally ride is the tube joints. On my normal retro rides these are encased in nice frame lugs and if I am really lucky they are ornately cut away whereas on modern bikes the welds are not hidden. Some makers seem to get them nice and smooth whilst others are less so. In all fairness the ones on this bike are not too bad at all .I am always amazed at what shape profile down tube and cross tube are on the more modern bikes compared to the traditional old round ones .


The Aluminium frame set and carbon bladed front forks give a nice smooth ride without being too harsh when riding along the smooth roads we have in my local area !!!



Specialized Allez Triple

Overall I have found this bike a very nice machine to ride on the short distances I have covered , if it was a keeper I might find myself replacing the standard stem for one slightly longer that has a slight rise on them . It’s an ideal road bike that I think a lot of cyclists would enjoy riding no matter what they used it for .

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