When I was out on my Ian May last night pounding the black stuff I could not get my mind away from the fact that the front wheel had only been fitted about 10 minutes before hand .


Ian May

I hear you all ask what difference does that make? It’s not so much the difference, it’s more about the fact that a couple of days before I picked the wheel up from my Local Bike Shop after they had replaced all the spokes for me as well as giving the bearings some fresh grease and adjustment .


As I rode up our drive the spokes were busily talking to each other and by the time I got to the end of the road they had gone quiet and were getting on with the job they were designed to do instead of going twang as they settled in against each other . Why I was thinking about this I have no idea as it’s not the first wheel they have rebuilt for me and I have not had an issue yet .


All the way round the 13 mile loop I was listening out for any strange noises and feelings that might occur with a freshly rebuilt wheel , it was no surprise that nothing happened and all went well as I sped along the tarmac , I even did a bit of pedal dancing as I climbed the small rise into Mears Ashby after descending down the previous hill at 25+ mph between Sywell village and Mears Ashby .


Ian May 4th

The bike itself was as normal a pleasure to ride and did all I asked from it . The two front lights were cutting through the darkness just enough for me to see and be seen by any traffic coming in the opposite direction whilst the rear was on full blinking mode to warn traffic approaching from behind that I was there. As well as these light I had my flashing vest on with the lights turned on , this is the 2nd year of using this vest and I am well impressed with its performance .


Ian May


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