Orange is the Colour For Me

For some unknown reason I have a weakness for orange coloured road bikes.



Not sure why, because if I was asked I would normally say red is my favourite colour.



I can just about remember owning a Holdsworth road bike in the team colours of orange and blue when I was a teenager. Please do not ask what model it was as I would not know , I vaguely remember it having a Reynolds sticker of some sort on it .



Up to date this is only the fourth orange coloured bike I have owned as you don’t see too many around that fall within my budget . The Holdsworth was my first one, the second was my R.E.W Reynolds of Northampton that I owned approximately 6 years ago , I bought it as a 3 speed sturmey arched equipped bike that was converted to a single speed bike and sold to somebody in Brighton if I remember rightly a few months later .



Next along was one of my all-time favourite bikes I have ever owned a mid-90’s BH road bike which I think looked a million dollars , rode very well and never missed a beat in all the times and miles I rode it . For some strange reason I decided to sell it about 5 years ago to a lucky Oxfordshire cyclist .

B H Stevlo


Last week I spotted this G.E.R Lomas of Oxford road bike and straight away I liked the look of it. So I made the normal enquiries making sure


G.E.R Lomas

that the seat post was free to adjust up and down ok and I also asked if the wheel rims were steel or alloy ? The seller replied yes to the seat post  and that the rims were steel ones which deflated me a bit , but I decided I would make an offer and see what happens . The seller accepted the offer and a collection date and time was agreed . Upon collection before handing the cash over I checked that the seat post was actually free good job I did as the seller then admitted that he hadn’t checked it earlier when I asked him ! Thankfully it was and my payment was handed over and the bike was mine to take home and enjoy .



G.E.R. Lomas


On my first day time inspection I couldn’t help but notice how bright and clean the 27” wheel rims were and upon closer inspection I could see they were clearly marked up as Rigida and Alloy. The brake track didn’t look like they had covered many miles at all, the front hub looks to be a Strongy item whilst the rear is an Atom flip flop unit , tyres are Schwalbe which seem to be in good shape and not very old .



G.E.R Lomas


The gearing is a mix of Silstar ,Suntour and Shimano components but it all seems to work well enough in the 12 miles I have ridden it so far . The brakes are Weinmann centre pull units fitted with Koolstop grey brake pads to improve braking performance . The cables need replacing and the rear pads need to be reset to try and cure the squealing they omit when applied .  I also noticed that the Weinmann brake levers still had the beige hoods and blade covers fitted which is quite rare these days .



G.E.R Lomas

There are no signs of what tubing was used in the construction of the frame but the seat post seems to measure 27.1 which should be either 27 or 27.2 mm when checked more accurately with post removed from the frame and cleaned up.  That points to Reynolds 531 which is what I was hoping for . The stem is a GB unit with slightly rusty quill bolt , no idea on the bars yet as I need to remove the red sponge tubes , rather hoping they will be GB Maes units .



G.E.R Lomas


The paintwork should polish up nicely and the few marks all add to the character of the bike .I am looking forward to getting some miles in on this bike and apart from replacing the brake cables and cleaning the pads up and servicing the bottom bracket and headset bearings the only other thing I want to do is replace the guards with either a set of black or white blumel guards .

As i sit here doing this blog i have just remembered i had not mentioned two other orange bikes one being the below Soens of Liverpool road bike shown before any work was carried out  and the other was a nice Pollard

Jim Soens



4 thoughts on “Orange is the Colour For Me

  1. I don’t know how you do mate, you have a knack of finding real gems. I’ve a nice orange Dawes Celeste should you need another orange bike LOL

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