Pennine Italia Arrival

Earlier in the month I agreed a deal on what the previous owner said was a nice 1980’s Pennine Italia road bike.



It finally arrived at the end of last week all nicely packaged up in this box.


Pennine Italia


Once I opened the box I could see the quality of build on this machine just by looking at the lug joints and the thinness of the rear stays and the Cinelli MC fork crown .


Pennine Italia


The SR handlebars are a glorious piece of work which are in amazing condition and still have what I think is the original black cloth tape wrapped around them .


Pennine Italia


My initial short test ride went well and the only things I noticed were the original front brake pads were squealing well and looked rather worn so these were replaced along with the inner and outer cables .


The 27.2 mm Brimalux seat post was nice and free in the seat tube so adjustment wasn’t an issue , just a shame the Brooks saddle had lost its shape so much along the central spline area . Hopefully it should come back with some tightening of the tensioner and a few applications of leather treatment .


So far I have ridden it a total of 12 miles and can honestly say it’s a nice smooth ride, just a bit on the large size though for me .


Pennine Italia


Pennine are still in existence with Paul Corcoran and Sandra Corcoran in control which is good to see in this day and age where frame makers are going out of business on a regular basis.





The paintwork is rather dull and grubby but should come up a bit shinier with some application of T Cut and general automotive polish .


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