Singled out

On Monday and Tuesday this week I reunited myself with my single speed Pollard and it made me realise again why people like single speed bikes .



Pollard Single Speed

It has also made me think that I need to get my early 1970’s Woodrup track frame out of the loft and get it built up soon . It’s been sat in our loft space since being refinished earlier in the year so frame wise it’s all ready to go . My plan was always to build this up with a fixed gear and this has not changed . I have a 42 toothed crankset ready to be fitted along with the original Campagnola Pista bottom bracket that I removed from the frame when it went away for refinishing .




I have a donor rear hub that is currently laced on to a sprint rim and I also have a clincher rim to replace it so I will need to get that built up. Unfortunately I don’t have a matching front wheel so I will run odd wheels but both will be 700c size . When the frame was refinished I had the original rear brake bridge replaced with one that allows me to fit a brake caliper so at least now I can fit front and rear brake calipers .


Once this is built up it will mean that I have 3 single speed bikes in my fleet as I also have a Lee Cooper framed one and with the possibility of another Lee Cooper frame due soon .


This will be my second dabble into riding fixed gear the first was a few years ago , so a few short test rides will be required to get me in to the swing of things before I go blazing off into the sunset on it .


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