A day i will remember

Last Saturday was a day I shall remember for a few reasons.


Firstly it rained for the vast majority of the time we were out which was just over 5 hours. We spent nearly 3 and half hours in the saddle with the rest being spent either looking around some of the Historic Churches we visited en route or in the Pub having some lunch .



Brixworth Church


Secondly it was the longest ride I had done in miles and time for more years than I care to remember with a total of 51.4 miles covered beating my previous high by 4 miles so I can now say I have beaten the 50 mile mark at long last .



Paul Hewitt


The third reason was that my feet stayed dry after being exposed to the elements for a lot longer than I normally spend on a bike. After trying a couple of various makes of overshoes , I decided earlier in the year to order a Pair of Velo Toze long over shoes and I can honestly say I was impressed as when I removed my socks and threw them across to my partner, much to her annoyance, she confirmed they were dry just a bit smelly , the inside of my cycling shoes were also dry .



Velo Toze


The fourth reason was that it was the first time ever I have had 2 spokes break in one day and on one ride , with less than a mile covered a front spoke went twang so I turned round and went back home to swap a different front wheel in to replace the faulty one and carried on. Around the ten mile mark I heard another twang and upon inspection I noticed a rear spoke had broken , being too far away to swap wheels over I decided to carry on and hope the wheel stayed in shape for as long as possible which it did to about the 40 mile point where I started to notice a degree of pulsation through the brake lever when applied and the saddle when riding on a smooth surface .



Ian May


My bike for the occasion was my red Ian May road bike with a pair of SKS clip on guards fitted to try and help with the amount of rain forecast , I had been warned that a certain section of the planned route included a couple of steep gradients that I didn’t think my 1950’s Pollard would appreciate on its simple 5 speed set up , in the end I think the bike would have coped with the gradients easily but never mind there is always next time .



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