Giant Terrago ATB

I have a soft spot for the early 90’s Giant Pelotons mainly because a lot of them have funky paintwork schemes , and in all fairness they ride well and are normally fairly well specified .

Giant Speeder lite

If there is a weakness with them it’s that you seem to get a few with seized seat posts , probably due to neglect by previous owners .


When I saw an advert showing a rather psychedelic paint scheme I couldn’t help but take a closer look at the one and only picture supplied with the advert. I could see from looking at the picture it looked to be in good condition . A bit of internet searching brought up a couple of forum posts from around the world by current and previous owners of Giant Terrago Atb’s  all singing their praises .


Giant Terrago

I contacted the seller for any further information to which I got told it had been fitted with smoother road tyres for easier riding and it was in good general condition but needed the tyres inflating as they were currently flat .


Giant Terrago

An appointment was made for me to go and see the bike and upon inspection I was impressed and handed over the required amount of cash to bring it home . Once home my first job was to inflate the tyres and give it a quick visual once over then take it for a short test ride .


Giant Terrago

The test ride didn’t reveal any horror stories , whilst the quick once over revealed a very nice Shimano Deore group set that looked hardly used , fairly new Nokia City Runner tyres and overall a very nice bike that had been well looked after . Even the Mavic rims showed very little wear on the braking surface and the stainless spokes were nice and shiny although the rear does need a slight amount of trueing up .


Giant Terrago

After 3 days of gentle commuting duties I can say I am impressed with this bike and would happily keep it for myself to use but that would mean selling my owned from new Marin Mtb of similar era .


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