My 5th R.E.W Reynolds


When I saw a local advert for a Reynolds bike two thoughts hit me straight away it’s either going to be a Reynolds tubed frame or more hopefully it’s a bike made by local frame builder R.E.W Reynolds or Ralphy as some people refer to him as .


R.E.W Reynolds

Well, from the only picture included I could see it carried R.E.W Reynolds decals on the down tube so my interest was high and it looked a decent size and a very decent price so I contacted the seller and made arrangements to view the following evening as it was fast approaching 10 pm at night . Upon arrival at the sellers location I was greeted by a nice but slightly dirty looking bike,  upon closer inspection it all looked ok apart from a pair of aged Continental tyres that looked a bit past their use by condition in my mind. A quick road test confirmed that everything seemed ok and it all worked to a degree .


R.E.W Reynolds

Once we agreed a price it was loaded into the back of our car for its journey home , where I quickly inflated the tyres and pulled some of the slack out of the brake cables so I could take it for a quick spin around the block . All went well and I checked on the size of tyres required as the seller had said they were 28” wheels but they looked like 27” to me so once the rim was cleaned I could see the size engraved on the convex Wienmann alloy rim and duly ordered a pair of Schwalbe HS159 Tyres and some new brake pads at the same .

Looking at the frame number which is either 4683 or 4688 and the Maillard hubs which are date stamped 85 I would say it’s a mid to late 80’s built machine that has been well looked after and at some point quite recently has had the crankset and rear block set replaced by units that would get you up the steepest of hills . The crank is a Shimano STX RC unit with 46,36 and I think 26 toothed rings whilst the rear Shimano “Megarange” cassette has a giant 34 tooth large rear cog right down to a 14 toothed one .


R.E.W Reynolds

The rest of the bike looks like original parts apart from perhaps the Itm bars which look decidedly newer . Even the brake pads look like the original fitment ones, the front ones were a bit glazed over so these have been replaced along with both inner and outer brake cables which has made the braking a bit more efficient for sure . Once I was happy that the bike was safe to ride I swapped the saddle over for one of my Selle Smp lite 209 units and used it for a couple of days as my daily commuter clocking up just over 8 miles a day. No further faults came to light during these rides .

Once the new tyres arrived I swapped them over and also reduced the width of the rear axle by removing one of the spacers to make roadside wheel removal and refit easier . At the same time I finished cleaning the hubs and rims up and gave the paintwork a quick polish before also fitting some proper shiny metal top tube cable guides to replace the horrid black plastic ones .


R.E.W Reynolds

The first proper ride I had with the bike was done earlier this week and only covered 12 and a quarter miles as it was a pre going to work ride . The ride was done with no fuss and bother and the bike coped with ease . Having only covered about 40 miles on this bike so far I am unsure whether it’s one that will be kept or sold on . As this blog is written I have lent it out to a friend of mine to try and see what he thinks about it and also for him to cover some more miles on it .


R.E.W Reynolds


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