Loddington and Back

So what route am I going tonight?

This is the thought that goes through my mind most times when I go out on my bike , the first route direction choice is an easy one as left takes you into the housing estate whilst right takes you out to a t-junction, where left goes towards the town centre or other routes out of town whereas right takes you on the shortest distance out of Wellingborough .

So I must admit I turn right more times than I turn left just because it gets me on the open road in just over a mile whereas the other takes a minimum of 2 ½ miles before I hit the outskirts of Wellingborough . I don’t mind cycling in built up areas but I do prefer the open road more .


Ian May

Last night’s ride was a solo ride on my Red Ian May and started just after 19.15pm, once I had got up by Hardwick Road cross roads I decided to turn left and head towards Sywell Aerodrome, once I passed here it was onto Holcot after a quick island crossing on the main A43 road I carried on and got on with the job in hand i.e. to have a nice enjoyable ride . It was on this stretch of road that I had my first sight of another cyclist going in the opposite direction, as I always do I acknowledged him and to my surprise no reply was given this is something that annoys me loads, it only requires the briefest lift of the hand if they are unable to speak .

Once through Holcot it was along the promenade at Pitsford reservoir with water on each side of the road and a quick glance left and right showed quite a few birds about making various noises , the water looked very calm and you could see a few little white fishing boats out on the left hand side . I was sorely tempted to try and get a nice picture showing a reflection on the reservoir but as I sped along there was not one I could see that made me stop and take a picture .

The slight climb after the car park entrance always makes me reach for a lower gear or two, tonight was no different as I plowed onwards heading for Scaldwell which is a very pretty village indeed. After Scaldwell it was time to head for Old as I neared the centre of the village I could see 2 bikes leant up against a bench where their riders were sat talking, a quick “evening” got 2 replies which was nice , I decided to turn down Mill Lane, a section of road that was new to me, the houses soon disappeared and I was left with views of open fields and it was along here that I took my first picture of the night .


Along this road I had to slow for a lady on horseback who had another horse on a leading rein and then a bit further up a jogger and a couple of cars along with a tractor , so for a little lane it was quite busy . Once I reached the end I went for a left turn and then the next right turn taking me towards Loddington which is another nice looking village that I only ever ride down the same road. One day I must ride around the village and do some exploring . At the edge of Loddington with the light starting to fade it was time to turn on my main front lamp and head towards Cransley which means two short quick descents followed by slight slower climbs before I reach the edge of Cransley where I took another picture of the sky . In one of the front garden areas I have spotted a very sad looking Scimitar GTE body shell with what looks like a couple of Ford v6 engines sitting just In front of it .


Next up is Broughton and I have noticed the last couple of times I have ridden through in the evening it has a rather lovely smelling chip shop, I have always resisted the urge to stop and sample them . Just after the village pub I turn left on to Wellingborough Road, after about a mile there is a cross roads that link Pytchley with the A34 and it was here where another sky picture was worth taking . Once I had done my David Bailey bit I started to move off, a fellow cyclist who was coming up from Pytchley enquired if I was ok and did I need any help which was very nice of him. I explained I was taking a picture and rode off, I soon noticed he was tucked in behind me and stayed there till I reached the summit coming into Orlingbury where he fell back  , a slow freewheel down past the village green towards the edge of the village and I soon realised that he was back on my rear wheel again as we headed off silently towards Little Harrowden, as I reached the small island just after the village pub he dropped off my back wheel a bit .


I turned right here and headed towards Wellingborough and again within about 200 yards I stopped to take my final picture of the night with the sun fading behind the scenery in the distance , once back on the pedals I soon noticed another cyclist ahead who I soon “ scalped “ with a cheery “evening” he looked a bit surprised but returned the greeting . At the crossroads I took the left turn and headed home. Within a couple of miles I was home again after a total of 26 miles in just under 1 hour and 45 minutes .



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