Bromwich Mixte

Mrs B is ready for test miles and rides .

Since acquiring the pair of Bromwich bikes which have spent their whole life together I have carried out the following work on the ladies mixte bike: cleaned and re greased the bottom bracket , headset and front wheel bearings , replaced all the brake and gear inner and outer cables and swapped the original 27 x 1 “1/4 tyres for a pr of more useable ones .


Bromwich Mixte

So far a couple of short test rides around the cul de sac have been completed so will start doing a few longer loops around the local estate roads and if all goes ok will use it a few times on my daily commutes .

I have always thought that Ladies mixte style frames have a certain quaint look about them compared to the more common ladies loop frames that you see around .  And strangely enough I think they look better with flat or swept back bars rather than drop bars .


Bromwich Mixte

This one has a very nice and simple set up ie only 5 speed , steel wheels with the rear hub being a flip flop item, crank but does have alloy bars , stem and seat pin . The paintwork has quite a bit of age related patina but nothing nasty at all, some of the decals have suffered over the years but they are there . The green is a nice bright shade and certainly stands out from the crowd of normal colours you see .


Bromwich Mixte

There is a certain style to the twin bars that run between the headstock and seat tube and on to the rear drop outs , from the exit points on the headstock lug and the support lugs where they pass either side of the seat tube . I often wonder if this makes a mixte frame more stable compared to a conventional ladies frame , I understand the’re not as strong as a gents frame with a conventional cross bar .


Bromwich Mixte

I am also surprised that you don’t see more of them being used by cyclist’s of either sex who suffer with getting there leg over a conventional cross bar down to either medical or age related issues . The main reason I don’t use them is that they are quite a bit shorter in reach than a man’s bike and when fitted with a longer stem to increase the reach they seem to lose some of their chic look to me , which is a shame .

My local bike shop mechanic always tells me that the mixte design enables a sack of potatoes to be rested on the two tubes !!! Not sure how true that actually is and can you imagine riding a bike with an extra 25kg rested on the frame that low down !!


2 thoughts on “Bromwich Mixte

  1. Oh, what a lovely bike. In my area the mixte is quite popular with both sexes as a commuter. They are said to ride smoothly and be quite durable. There are even some floating around with double butted, chrome molly frames. The dear wife needs one to replace her 35 pound TREK comfort bike, but I need to clear out a couple of bikes first. A 1984 Nishiki time trial (funny) bike and the Bianchi I’m working on. A mixte could possibly be a winter project. By-the-way, what are the brakes?



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